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Purdue Profiles: Maria Marshall

January 2018

Maria Marshall, director of the Purdue Initiative for Family Firms and professor of agricultural economics, uses her position at the University to help family-owned businesses succeed. As part of her work, she researches issues relevant to family-run businesses and uses

Students with autism make music with iPads (CBS Sunday Morning)

December 2017

SPEAK MODalities co-founder and Chief Science Officer Dr. Oliver Wendt  (CFF Advisory Council member and Faculty Partner) explains why iPads are an effective learning tool for individuals on the autism spectrum.

CFF Director receives the 2018 Leadership in Action Award

December 2017

CFF Director, Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth was honored with the Violet Haas Leadership In Action Award. The award recognizes Purdue faculty, staff, and students who have shown exemplary leadership within their respective areas of expertise.

Diversion programs at the intersection of substance abuse and mental health, 2017 INFIS presentations available

November 2017

Family Impact Seminars are non-partisan educational sessions summarizing current research on a particular family issue and are targeted toward legislators, legislative staff and other key decision-makers.

Dr. Servaty-Seib: People should voice emotions about mass shootings

November 2017

We have to be able to be authentic as people and share when we’re feeling vulnerable about these massive shootings. Talking about the incidents can help people find a sense of perspective and meaning as well as create community with

How can institutions improve admissions policies for veterans?

November 2017

In terms of higher education, we’ll see students who may be further separated from their high school education. As the ‘Forever’ GI Bill rolls out, and you have folks who can now use their benefits forever, it’s about making sure even

SPEAK MODalities honored for best product design for scientifically validated tools to treat speech and language disorders in autism

November 2017

SPEAK MODalities LLC, a company that develops software tools to help children diagnosed with severe, nonverbal autism or other communicative disorders, was recently recognized for best product design in the medical devices category at the 2017 Electronic Component News Impact

Flexible Work alone won’t create gender equality, but these things might

October 2017

Women working flexibly made more than women on fixed schedules due to overtime pay, but otherwise there were no additional financial benefits. Even though both German men and women increased the number of hours they worked when they began working flexibly,

2017 Kanter Award winner announced

October 2017

We are very pleased to announce the recipient of this year’s Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research. Congratulations to Stephen H. Courtright, Richard E. Gardner, Troy A. Smith, Brian W. McCormick, and Amy E. Colbert! Their Academy

Outdoor learning space to help children with communication challenges

September 2017

Each component of the outdoor learning space was selected to support children with challenges related to communication, sensory and motor skills. The equipment encourages children to play together rather than in isolation, and it will be used as part of