About the Center for Families

Founded in 1994, the Center for Families at Purdue University is a concrete reminder that families, in all their diverse forms, are the foundation of society.​

CFF serves as a catalyst to integrate outreach, teaching, and research activities that support families. This is accomplished through increased and enhanced collaborations among academic disciplines, professionals, policymakers, corporations and community organizations.

Established within the Department of Child Development and Family Studies in the School of Consumer and Family Sciences (now the Department of Human Development and Family Studies in the College of Health and Human Sciences) at Purdue University, its mission is to work to improve the quality of life for families.

CFF provides a way for faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends to bring about change focused on families, an issue about which they are deeply passionate, and a change that is even more lasting than bricks and mortar. These caring partners have both extended and focused the efforts of the school and created possibilities for collaborations seldom imagined in the past.

Download the CFF brochure or read about CFF’s 20th Anniversary.