2018 CFF funding opportunities announced

Each year, the Center for Families supports the work of faculty and students conducting family research across campus. CFF works to improve the quality of life for families by providing research to employers, policymakers, human service professionals, and extension educators and specialists, to help them work more effectively with, and on behalf of families.

Visit the Annual Funding page for more information.


Faculty Research Funding Opportunities
Faculty Fellowship ($10,000; three fellowships offered, only one awarded per year)
Research Enhancement Grant (undergraduate research – $500)

Student Research Funding Opportunities
Family Research Grant ($1000)
Justice Family Nutrition Grant ($1000)
Interdisciplinary Research Grant ($500)
Research Enhancement Grant ($500 – undergraduate research)

Student Internships
Levien Family Policy Scholarship ($1000 scholarship and graduate internship – 590000 credit)
Research with Families (Graduate or Undergraduate – 59000 or 39000 credit)
Center for Families Internship (Communication focused – 390000 credit)

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