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children in the blue room

Blue Room

Ages: 2 years old

Enrollment: 14 children

Fowler Memorial House, Room 191

Aekyeong Nacke (Alex)

Aekyeong Nacke (Alex)

Head Teacher
(765) 494-0240

I graduated from Konkuk University in Seoul with a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature and earned a teacher’s license for secondary education. I also earned a CDA to work with young children in Indiana. I have taught at a kindergarten, elementary schools, and middle schools in Korea for over 10 years and worked as an early childhood educator in Indiana since 2004. Recently, I graduated from Purdue University Global with a Master of Science in Education.

My role as a teacher is that of providing children lots of opportunities to explore the objects and materials around them with all of their senses, a variety of hands-on activities that require physical manipulation, play, and their own thought processes and allowing adequate time and space to use materials that reinforce the lesson. This will help the children to make decisions, overcome challenges, and solve problems. I strongly believe a good educator means being a good example because children do what adults do, not what adults tell them to do.

I reside in West Lafayette with an amazing husband and enjoy watching movies, painting in oriental style, and playing board games with my in-laws and friends.

Aekyeong Nacke (Alex)

Kim Bledsoe

Associate Teacher
(765) 494-0240

I graduated from Purdue with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. I began my teaching career by working at the school where I had done my student teaching, filling in for a teacher on maternity leave. I continued to work at various positions within the local school systems until 2010, when I started at an early childhood education center. I have been in this field since and just love working with young children. Their curiosity and enthusiasm makes every day special. When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my two children and 4 grandchildren.


Dena Brunton

Birdena (Dena) Brunton

Child Care Aide
(765) 494-0240

Child Development Associate Credential (CDA)

I have enjoyed working with children since high school when I began babysitting. Later, I ran my own child care in my home for several years. Then in 2003, I was blessed to get this job at Purdue working with all these wonderful children.

I develop a close bond with each child, but make sure that I do not compete with the parents or other family caregivers. I feel it is important to support them in their role. It is extremely rewarding to work with children and I feel it is of utmost importance to look out for their welfare and have their best interests in mind. Today's children may be tomorrow's great inventors, great doctors, or ...the sky's the limit!

Rosane De Freitas Teixeira Hitchcock

Rosane De Freitas Teixeira Hitchcock

Child Care Aide
(765) 494-0240

I am a native of Brazil and studied international business in college. More recently, I worked with preschool-aged children for about 4-1/2 years at a school in Brazil and discovered that I love helping young children. I am fluent in Portuguese, and am becoming more fluent in English every day.

I have three sons, two of which are adults living in Brazil, and my youngest son lives with me and my husband Marty. Together, we live on a small acreage in rural Warren County where we enjoy many activities including gardening, cooking, and church.


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