Graduate Student Highlights

 Graduate student expereinces in HHS:


My time as a dual major graduate student in HHS has allowed me to expand my professional network and research skillset. I have deeply enjoyed making connections with such fantastic faculty, staff, and peers. Being in HHS has also allowed me to share my skillset in advocacy and engage my fellow grad students in social justice and legislative processes. My connections and experiences in HHS have helped me better understand myself and others.

 Lauren Murfree



Beginning a PhD program at Purdue University in the fall of 2019 was filled with excitement and uncertainty; moving cities, starting school again after time off, and moving alone all created a nice package of nerves. However, excitement, newness, and possibilities were also stuffed in this package. After having time to reflect, and unpack the first year of my experience as a PhD student in Health and Kinesiology, with an emphasis and focus on Health Promotion and Public Health, I can say, with confidence, that I am at the right place. During my first year at Purdue I had the opportunity to be a teaching assistant, lab manager, friend to colleagues, and an engaged and curious learner.

As a teaching assistant for the Department of Health and Kinesiology for the academic year of 2019-2020 I had the opportunity to work with two professors. Through this work, I was able to engage with students, lecture, lead discussions, create assignment and rubrics, and grade and provide feedback to students. I was fortunate to learn from my own advisor and faculty member and a continuing lecturer; both had very different styles of teaching and course work but I was able to learn from and enjoy both experiences. What I enjoy most about teaching is being able to engage, learn from, and work with students. I like getting to know students and what they are interested in and why they are here at Purdue, all while providing the best guidance and learning experience in the classroom that I can. I hope that through teaching here at Purdue I can continue to learn how to best impact and inspire future students, as I have been impacted by past college professors—many of whom I still stay in contact with today!

As a first year PhD student the transition was tough, however, I was fortunate enough to be placed in a cohort of very supportive, fun, and loving colleagues, or should I friends. Through getting to know each of the members in my cohort, we have been able to support each other by writing together, working along side each other, playing intramural sports, and explore the surrounding community. I feel very lucky to have met people in my program who I can connect with, learn from, and establish life long relationships with.

 Carlyn Kimiecik, MSW



My name is Chris Nagy, and I am a second year PhD student studying sport and exercise psychology in the Health and Kinesiology Department at Purdue University working under Dr. Shih-Chun Kao.  Before starting here last fall, I spent two years getting my master’s degree in neuroscience and coaching tennis at the University of Texas at Dallas.  The current studies that our lab on campus are running deal with the intersection of physical activity and cognition performance.

I have really enjoyed the work that I have been able to be a part of at Purdue thus far.  The biggest adjustment I’ve had to make in starting my time in my program has been understanding the difference between my course work based master’s program and the research focused nature of the PhD work at Purdue.  Because the one-on-one advisor relationships that a school like Purdue offers it’s graduate students is very unlike the typical classroom “schooling” you’ve had for much of your life, there is definitely a period of adjustment.  Working so closely with academic leaders in a given field gives you the ability to do meaningful work on a topic that you really care about, and as a result I’ve already learned so much from the professors with whom I’ve had the privilege of interacting.



My name is Elizabeth Kielb, I am a second year Masters of Science student in Health and Kinesiology studying Health Promotion. Being a student in HHS is awesome because although I work with my major advisor in Health and Kinesiology, I have also had the opportunity to broaden my horizons and work with and learn from other faculty in HHS. Because of this, I have had opportunities to write, submit abstracts to conferences, and gain broader experience than if I hadn't been encouraged to seek out opportunities. It has been so important to me that my advisor and HHS have encouraged me to work hard and take advantage of all the opportunities that Purdue has to offer. My best advice to new students would be to seek out opportunities, ask questions, and don't be afraid to put yourself out there!