HHS IT Service Catalog

The purpose of the HHS IT Service Catalog is to provide a detailed explanation of the IT services and resources offered by the HHS IT Service Desk and ITaP. Each service has a description, who can use the service, and whom to contact for help with that particular service.

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Account Creation

Description: All users at Purdue University must have a Career account to log into our network computers and use university resources.

Other accounts

  • Exchange Email – account needed to use ITaP central emailing service with Outlook
  • Guest Account – account needed by visiting scholars and temporary hires to use our network and resources

Eligibility: Anyone employed by Purdue University must have a Career account. Anyone employed by Purdue University can get an Exchange email account. Guest accounts should follow the information in the HHS IT Service Level Guidelines

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • We can consult with hiring supervisors to create accounts
  • Provide account troubleshooting
  • Account unlocking
  • Password resets

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Active Directory Provision

Description: This is Microsoft’s directory service that offers a centralized, standardized system that automates network management of user data, security and distributed resources. It is hosted by ITaP but HHS IT uses it to add computers to the ONEPURDUE domain, create permissions, organize computers and users, and manage group policy.

Eligibility: This is for HHS IT only.

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Anti-virus Software

Description: HHS IT installs McAfee VirusScan anti-virus software on all computers in the College of HHS. These installations are managed by ITaP’s McAfee e-Policy Orchestrator system. e-Policy Orchestrator is a centralized management and reporting service for McAfee products and installations. The anti-virus software has a policy that scans your entire computer on a regular basis to remove malicious programs and threats.

Eligibility: All Purdue University owned equipment should have McAfee VirusScan anti-virus software installed on it. Only HHS IT and ITaP can manage the configuration of the software.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • We can install the anti-virus software on your machine
  • We can troubleshoot issues that the anti-virus is causing

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Asset Management

Description: HHS IT manages the College of HHS computing assets (desktops and laptops) with Numara Asset Core. This product is a lifecycle management system integrated with the Numara FootPrints ticketing system that allows us to see detailed information about each computer owned by the College of HHS.

Eligibility: This is only available to HHS IT staff. However we can develop hardware and software inventory reports for individuals and departments within the College of HHS.

To Request Service: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • We can create detailed hardware and software inventory reports

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Authorization, Authentication

Description: We interface with ITaP’s Identity and Access Management Office (IAMO) who provide authentication and authorization services via the Purdue Career account for Purdue students, faculty, staff and other Purdue affiliates. This service allows us to give users specific permissions and security for resources such as data storage, web sites, Sharepoint, and other services.

Eligibility: This system is used only by HHS IT for security and access management.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • We can create, edit, and modify permission on storage folders
  • Give access to shares services like Sharepoint and web sites 

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Casper Management Software

Description: The Casper Suite, developed by JAMF Software, is a comprehensive management system for Apple OS X computers and iOS devices. With the Casper Suite, IT Technicians proactively manage the entire lifecycle of all Apple devices.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

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Computer Hardware Troubleshooting and Repair

Description: HHS IT is highly trained at diagnosing computer hardware (laptops, desktops) related problems. We support Purdue University owned machines purchased through the strategic source model and under warranty by the manufacturer. In the event that a piece of hardware is out of warranty a “best effort” attempt will be made to remedy the problem.

Eligibility: Any piece of Purdue University owned hardware under warranty.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • We can replace broken computer components such as RAM, processors, hard drives, DVD drives, power supplies, etc.
  • We will work with vendor support to troubleshoot unresolved issues
  • We can send off hardware to the vendor that is in need of repair that we cannot do ourselves

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Computer Software Troubleshooting

Description: HHS IT supports the installation and operational functionality of the software. Software that have site licenses and or agreement with Purdue University can be found at the Community Hub located at:  https://communityhub.purdue.edu. HHS IT does not provide training. For training, you can contact ITaP’s training information here: http://www.itap.purdue.edu/training/. HHS IT will troubleshoot software that is not functioning correctly but cannot help with tasks the software is designed to do.

Eligibility: All customers using HHS IT software from the Supported Software Catalog.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • Software installation
  • Software operational troubleshooting (not training type support)

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Digital Signage

Description: HHS IT can provide Digital Signage solution. The system is built on using a Raspberry Pi and the Rise Vision Chrome App.

Eligibility: All HHS Departments

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • Digital Signage Consultation, setup, and installation
  • Troubleshoot Digital Signage

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Exchange Email/Calendaring Setup

Description: ITaP supports a campus-wide Exchange server that users with Exchange accounts can use for email and calendaring. Exchange Account holders access their email and calendar information via Microsoft Outlook. Outlook Web App (OWA) – http://owa.purdue.edu - has also been provided to allow you to read and respond to your email via the web. HHS IT supports the creation of Exchange accounts, Outlook software installation and setup, calendar creation, group email accounts, email troubleshooting and mobile email support.

Eligibility: Anyone that is an employee of Purdue University can request an Exchange account.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • Exchange account creation
  • Outlook software setup
  • Email account troubleshooting
  • Group Email accounts
  • Calendars

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Firewall Provisioning

Description: HHS IT maintains a perimeter firewall infrastructure at the border of all of our wired networked subnets. The firewalls block traffic from outside of our network and allow network traffic from the inside to flow freely. Rules are put in place to manage exceptions needed to talk between our subnets and outside services or user connections. We only allow customer connections into our network from the outside (eg home office, wifi café) if users are connected to the Purdue VPN service: “https://webvpn.purdue.edu/”. This is an encrypted traffic service that is authenticated with your Purdue Career account.

Eligibility: All Purdue University owned desktops and laptops connected to the wired network in HHS buildings are protected behind these firewalls.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • Set up Remote Desktop to your desktop
  • Add exception to firewall rules for specific application or communication with outside networks

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Footprints Service Desk Ticketing System

Description: FootPrints is the main ITaP incident and request logging service that is used by several departments across the West Lafayette campus. The Footprints system is where all issues and requests sent to hhshelp@purdue.edu are managed. This system allows us to document, prioritize, and communicate with users about issues and requests.

Eligibility: All HHS users are required to email hhshelp@purdue.edu to request service or report issues.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • Hardware troubleshooting
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Storage requests (permissions, folder creation)
  • Purchasing requests

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Group Policy Management

Description: Group Policy in part controls what users can and cannot do on a computer system. HHS IT uses Group Policy to set up uniform security policies, map network drives, and other various computer and user configuration settings.

Eligibility: All HHS Purdue University owned equipment is managed by the ITaP Group Policy management system with HHS specific policies applied.

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Hardware Purchasing

Description: Computer hardware purchasing requests (desktops, laptops, projectors, printers etc) are to be sent to hhshelp@purdue.edu for consultation and quote first. All IT related purchases must be approved by HHS IT. We will be notified by the business office to verify any purchase that does not come directly from HHS IT. We can work with you to meet your computing needs and find the best price available through Purdue University approved vendors.

Eligibility: All Purdue University owned computing hardware purchases are to be consulted with HHS IT.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • New desktop computer purchase
  • New laptop purchase
  • New tablet purchase
  • New printer purchase
  • New projector purchase
  • New peripheral purchase (mouse, keyboard)

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Mobile Device Support

Description: HHS IT provides support for Purdue Services on personal mobile devices including tablets and smart phones. We only provide support for connection to wireless networking, Purdue University email account configuration, and Career account lock out troubleshooting. We do NOT support the hardware or non-Purdue software on the phone.

Eligibility: All HHS faculty, staff, and graduate staff with mobile device.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • Set up wifi connection
  • Configure Purdue University Exchange email
  • Troubleshoot account lockout problems

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Network File Storage

Description: HHS IT manages several networked file storage servers. These servers have their data backed up twice a day with Windows Shadow Copies and once daily incrementally backed up by VRanger. The entire server is fully backed up weekly. The VRanger incremental and full backups are stored in a separate building from the authoritative data. The file storage servers have hardened operating systems with the most up to date anti-virus and security configuration. Network file storage for users can be accessed through My Computer. All users receive their own private U: drive space that they can only see. Many research groups and collaborative data is stored on the S: and T: drives that are secured with permissions created through Active Directory.

  • The standard drive mappings each person should see is:
    • S: = HHS Collaborative Share
    • T: = Departmental Share
    • U: = Personal Storage
    • W:  = Career Space Storage

Eligibility: All HHS faculty, staff, and graduate staff have view access of the various network file storage shares but need specific privileges on folders to view, read, create, and modify files within the folder structure.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • Request folder creation
  • Modify folder permissions
  • Request deleted file retrieval

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Printing Services

Description: HHS IT maintains the networked printing management for Purdue University owned printers and copiers within HHS. This includes shared print queue creation and management.

Eligibility: All HHS faculty, staff, and graduate staff have the ability to print to printers and copiers within their departmental area via the wired network. Some large copiers have printing codes for specific users that must be configured (eg Faculty and Staff can print in color with their code, while students can only print black and white with their code).

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • Add shared printer
  • Clear out bad print job
  • Configure new shared printer
  • Report problem printing
  • Help ordering replacement toner cartridge

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SCCM Computer Configuration

Description: SMARTcomputing SCCM, built on Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager software promotes an enterprise solution for computer configuration management, patch management and software distribution. HHS IT uses SCCM to remotely install software, initially configure new desktops, automatically update software versions, install Windows updates and perform remote troubleshooting through screen sharing.

Eligibility: All Purdue University owned desktops within the College of HHS are connected to the SCCM system.

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Server Administration

Description: HHS IT manages the core server infrastructure used by the College of HHS.  These numerous servers support the College's strategic goals through research data storage, application hosting, and computing infrastructure support.  Our servers are virtualized and run on the VMware platform hosted by a joint computer cluster between HHS, CLA, and Science [HLS].

Eligibility: Faculty and staff within the College of HHS have the ability to use our servers for applications and data storage purposes that align with the strategic goals of the College of HHS.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

    • Request for server application installed
    • Request for new server service
    • Problem with server application software

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Sharepoint Setup

Description: SharePoint is a web-based collaboration platform for Purdue faculty and staff incorporating document management and sharing, wiki and blog functions, universal or authenticated content access and more.

Eligibility: All HHS faculty, staff, and graduate staff can access Sharepoint but permission must be granted with HHS IT consultation.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • New Sharepoint area for your group
  • Access to main HHS Sharepoint area
  • Troubleshooting Sharepoint connectivity
  • Update or Modify Sharepoint group persmissions

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Software Purchasing

Description: HHS IT can assist with all aspects of software purchasing for desktop, laptops, and tablets.  We can provide help with vendor research, software availability, software licensing, software ordering information, and coordinated purchases with other users or groups. We will work with Purdue University preferred vendors as often as possible and outside partners if necessary.

Eligibility: All HHS faculty, staff, and graduate staff requesting software to progress the strategic goals of HHS.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • Request purchase of specific software
  • Request help with researching software with specific requirements
  • Check on licensing information
  • Look for possible collaboration on purchases with other Colleges or departments

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Telephone Service

Description: ITaP maintains VOIP telephone related services in HHS. This includes VIOP telephone line setup, phone purchases, audio conferences, voice mail, long distance calling, Purdue owned cell phones, and more.

Eligibility: All HHS faculty and staff can configure their phone services through ITaP.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Visit the telephone office website http://www.itap.purdue.edu/telephone/

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Web Conferencing Services

Web conferencing allows users to meet with groups around campus and abroad without traveling through the use of linked cameras, screens, and audio. The web conferencing service can be set up to act as a one to one communication between two devices or many to many with the use of Cisco’s WebEx: “https://www.itap.purdue.edu/learning/tools/webex.html”.  HHS IT also works with users to install Skype, and Microsoft’s Skype for Business for web conferencing needs.

Eligibility: All HHS faculty, staff, and graduate staff are able to use the web conferencing tools and is compatible with Windows, Macintosh and mobile devices.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • Troubleshoot video conferencing software or hardware issues
  • Set up an appointment for web conferencing
  • Install web conferencing software
  • Coordinate Cisco WebEx session

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Web Site Hosting

The HHS website is a vital information tool for the college. The HHS web designer (Amanda Wright Swanger) maintains the main administration web pages and manages departmental pages within the college that often are updated by dedicated support personnel within that department. Faculty have the ability to have class pages for teaching and research purposes. These pages for faculty are not supported directly by the HHS webmaster and is up to the department to find a suitable web developer. HHS IT maintains a legacy web server for old web pages but is in transition of off loading all web page hosting to ITaP’s web servers for hosting within the main HHS site structure.

Eligibility: All HHS faculty, staff, and graduate staff requesting web resources to progress the strategic goals of HHS.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email Amanda Wright Swanger – wrightak@purdue.edu

  • New site creation
  • Web site update
  • Web development

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Wired Networking

Description: The wired networking infrastructure is the means by which all data communication traverses between our servers, computers, and printers. The wired networking within the College of HHS is centrally maintained by ITaP but HHS IT manages the connections and troubleshooting of the network.

Eligibility: All Purdue University owned computers connected to the wired network inside College of HHS departmental buildings.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • Turn on network port in a room
  • Turn off network port in a room
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity problems

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Wireless Network Configuration

Description: The ITaP wireless network is connectible throughout all Purdue University campus buildings via the PAL 3.0 network. It provides connection to the Internet and other campus IT resources. HHS IT can configure or troubleshoot connectivity to the wireless network on your device.

Eligibility: Anyone with a Purdue University Career account or guest account and compatible device.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • Set up wireless connection
  • Troubleshoot wireless problems
  • Request guest account for visitor

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Virtual Private Network (VPN) 

Description: ITaP manages a Virtual Private Network which allows users who are off campus to connect to Purdue resources as if they were on campus. The client install can be found here: https://webvpn.purdue.edu

Eligibility: All HHS faculty and staff.

To Request Service or Report Problems: Email hhshelp@purdue.edu

  • Configure for personal devices
  • Configure for Purdue own devices
  • Troubleshoot VPN issues

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