Community Health Coalitions

In each county of the state, Purdue Extension educators bring together the expertise and resources of Purdue to address the needs of Indiana’s families. With the critical need to improve the health of Hoosiers, Purdue Extension is lending its support through a continuing effort as they work closely with local Community Health Coalitions.

Extension educators are partnering with others in their communities to create and to enhance coalitions to identify and address local issues concerning health and well being. The initiative started in 2005 to help communities develop a policy that promotes student health and addresses the growing problem of childhood obesity. As of 2016, Extension Educators were involved in at least 60 local Community Health Coalitions.

Each coalition is tackling concerns specific to its community. In cases where such coalitions already exist, Purdue Extension is partnering to help the community assess, determine action plans and conduct programs and interventions to imrove the health of local residents.

Examples of Purdue Extension programs that could help these efforts include:

  • Nutrition programs
  • School wellness plans
  • Parenting and youth programs
  • Landscaping and environmental expertise
  • Economic and community development resources
  • Help in locating and attracting funding opportunities