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Beginning in 2005, the Indiana Food Code required one individual per food service establishment to have food handler certification when inspected by the local Board of Health.

The Purdue Extension Service educators’ provide the training and proctor the exam for food service employees to have food handler certification. Using the National Restaurant Association’s Serv Safe ® curriculum and partnering with the Indiana Restaurant Association hundreds of food service employees are certified or re-certified in food handler certification annually in Indiana.

Serv Safe ® training and certification sets the standard in food safety with the most up-to-date and relevant information. It brings together the current best practices to meet the industry’s changing needs. Participants in the training's stay engaged, retain the information better, and understand how to apply it.

Visit the Indiana Restaurant Association’s website, the Purdue Food Science’s department website, or your local Purdue Extension office web site by selecting your county from the above dropdown menu.

The certification is valid for five (5) years and then must be renewed by successfully completing the certification exam.