Focus on Financial Management

Focus on Financial Management is a curriculum for middle-income adults seeking financial security. It can help them reduce their risk of financial problems.

The curriculum materials can be used in several ways. A program coordinator can organize the program and provide materials to the participants. The program includes materials for eight 2-hour sessions. The Coordinator’s Guide explains how to organize and present the sessions. A coordinator has the option of ordering preprinted workbooks for each participant or printing the workbook chapters from a CD.

The workbook is designed either for participants who enroll in a Focus on Financial Managementprogram or for people who wish to use the workbook in self-directed study. Those who want to pursue specific topics on their own may download the individual units for free in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) from the list below.

Focus on Financial Management Coordinator’s Guide, Workbook, and CD
CFS-726 ($75)
This is a binder containing printed versions of the Coordinator’s Guide and Workbook, and a CD-ROM with PDF files of the Coordinator’s Guide and the Workbook.

Focus on Financial Management Coordinator’s Guide and Workbook on a CD
CD-CFS-726 ($50)
This CD-ROM contains the Coordinator’s Guide and Workbook in PDF files.

Focus on Financial Management Workbook
CFS-727 ($25)
This shrink-wrapped workbook contains eight chapters and 24 worksheets to help participants conduct self-assessments and compile appropriate records. The chapter titles (which may be downloaded for free as PDF files) are: