Parenting Piece-by-Piece

Parenting Piece-by-Piece is a series of eight parenting education sessions designed for use with parents who have been mandated or encouraged to attend parenting training due to risk of child abuse and/or neglect.

The current curriculum also includes guidelines for adapting the program for use with incarcerated parents or with the caregivers of children whose parents have lost custody.

Sessions address:

  • normal child development
  • communication with adults and children
  • stress management
  • dealing with conflict and anger
  • discipline
  • use of community resources

Optional sessions address attachment and parenting or co-parenting from a distance.

Curriculum handouts are also available in Spanish.

Program Format

Each session outline includes objectives, a list of required materials, background references, detailed activity descriptions, and suggestions for take-home activities that will help parents expand on lesson content and experiences.

The Parenting Piece-by-Piece curriculum can be purchased through the Education Store by visiting: or by calling (888) EXT-INFO (398-4636).