Block Party

Block Party Events

Block Party events are times of free play with blocks of all sizes for families and their children ages 8 months to 8 years.

Block Party events provide an opportunity for parents to interact and play with their children while learning how they can help them develop a variety of skills through block play.

Five stations are set up, each with a different set of blocks that aids the children in learning a specific skill. Parents are provided with parenting tips and information on how they can help their child or children develop each skill to the best of their ability.

Benefits of Block Play

Research has shown that through block play children can learn a variety of skills such as math, science, social, physical, new words, pre-reading, creative and problem solving skills. Research has also shown that:

  • Early block play provides aptitude and achievement differences by 7th grade and into high school.
  • Dramatic (pretend) play predicts greater vocabulary growth in young children.
  • Through play children learn to share, take turns, and negotiate.
  • Block play teaches impulse control. This control predicts better school performance and less problem behaviors later.
  • Young children who hear more words learn more words. Early vocabulary growth predicts later reading achievement in school.