RECIPE for Growing Healthy Children

Is feeding young children a challenge for you in your child care program? Do you want to learn how to grow healthy children? Child care providers in Indiana report the need for a greater variety of healthy menu ideas including fruits and vegetables, leaner and more varied entrees and snack options, food presentation with greater appeal, and decreasing the reliance on convenience items – which can be high in fat, sugar, and sodium.

Let Us Help

RECIPE for Growing Healthy Children introduces child care providers to six positive practices that will redefine the purpose of your child care program from “feeding children” to “growing healthy children.”

Role modeling what we want children to be, say, and do
Environment encourages healthy behaviors
Creating delicious and nutritious meals and snacks
Involving children in food and fun
Partnering with parents
Enjoying eating together

Who can participate?

The program is designed for CACFP providers, but any child care provider is encouraged to participate. How is it offered? Take part in our entire series of lessons, or even just one. We can help improve the impact you have on child care nutrition in your program.

Making a Difference

  • 31% of participants reported incorporating family-style dining
  • 77% tried at least one new recipe
  • 35% reported they provided more fruits and vegetables and less juice
  • More options of whole grains are being added to the menus while high fat and fried meats are being used less

What participants say about the program:

  • Excellent – many great ideas for making positive changes.
  • This was very helpful and useful in preparing meals that are visually appealing, nutritious, and good tasting.
  • The very best workshop I’ve attended. Really appreciate all the hard work put into creating an informative and delicious and fun learning experience.