Dining with Diabetes

This program is for diabetics or those at risk for diabetes and their caregivers, but it is also helpful to anyone interested in diabetes or friends and family of a diabetic. You’ll learn how to lessen the health risks of diabetes. Four to five 2-hour lessons are taught weekly with an optional follow-up lesson.

Topics covered

  • food choice
  • diet planning
  • healthy cooking
  • portion control
  • medical indicator awareness
  • healthy activity levels for those with diabetes

Participants watch food preparation presentations, taste test, and take home recipes.

Making a Difference

During 2016-17, the program was presented 33 times in 26 Indiana counties to 361 people.

Dining with Diabetes participants report

  • increased knowledge of nutrition and diabetes management
  • exercising more
  • eating more fruits and vegetables
  • increasing dairy intake
  • practicing healthful cooking and food preparation behaviors more often after the program compared with before the program