Reporting Bias and Providing Suggestions to HHS

Reporting Bias

The College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) is a community where diversity is valued and incidents of bias based on people’s identities, cultures, and backgrounds should be addressed. When incidents of bias occur or are witnessed among HHS faculty, staff or students, you may report the incident at the link below if you wish for follow up action toward resolution within the college. In addition, the HHS DEI Committee would like to be aware of instances of bias even if you are not looking for direct follow up action. For instance, if we see patterns in the reported incidents, communications and/or programming may be planned to address relevant issues.

Bias reporting to HHS, click here(Contact information is optional and required only if you would like follow up regarding the incident. Please do not complete these fields if you wish to remain anonymous.)

Note that if your concern is more appropriately addressed at the University level, you are encouraged to report with this link instead.

Input and Suggestions

Use this form to submit suggestions and feedback regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion relevant to the College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS). Your submission will be reviewed and may be brought forth to the HHS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee for discussion and action planning. If you would like to be contacted, please let us know. If you prefer to remain anonymous, simply leave your contact information blank. Thank you for taking the time to provide your input and/or suggestion.