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HHS Council on Diversity

2015-2016 Members

Unit Staff Faculty Student

Consumer Science

Ryan Hairston

Thelma Snuggs

Tyler Monger

Human Development and Family Studies

Jennifer Rosselot Wilkins

Aryn Dotterer

Aura Mishra

Health and Kinesiology

Maria Hartwig

Frank Snyder

Justice Montgomery

Health Sciences

Jang-Won Lee

Linda Nie

Tianyun Wang

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Maria Campos

Sandra Sydnor

Chelsea Gathers


Sonia Pierce

Karen Chang

Alicia Wilson

Nutrition Science

Dinah Dalder

Ryan Grant

Paulina Segovia

Psychological Sciences

Nancy O'Brien

David Rollock

Chandani Bhatt

Speech, Language, and Heating Sciences

Lissa Ellison

Dawn Wetzel

Lauren Caputo

HHS Business Office

Wanda Stevens


HHS Extension

Michele Baker


Mary Simon

HHS Student Services

Heather Dykes

HHS Administration

Liping Cai, Chair
Jessica Woeppel, Secretary
Preeti Sivasankar, HHS Dean's Fellow for Diversity