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Graduate Study

As a graduate student, you will thrive in our research-oriented environment as you work alongside faculty who are well known for their contributions in the field. The Department of Consumer Science offers a MS and PhD program in:

There are two essential parts to your graduate career: coursework and research. At the graduate level, coursework will immerse you in issues requiring integration, insight, and critical thinking. While undergraduate education focuses on transmitting knowledge, the goal of graduate education is teaching you how to create knowledge. The focus is not so much on content but on how present knowledge can be used to illuminate and create new knowledge.

Research is the second part to your graduate education and is as important as your coursework. Since graduate education is so special, accomplishing it requires a more one-on-one relationship with a research mentor. Get involved in research from the start and build expertise in an area by immersing yourself in that field of knowledge.

The workload to successfully complete a graduate program is intense and immense. Graduate students must balance classes, assistantship responsibilities, thesis/dissertation requirements, and research with personal/family responsibilities. It requires motivation and commitment, but it can be done and the department will provide the resources, support, and encouragement to help you.