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Preparing for your future career involves more than just classroom learning. By enhancing your academic coursework with activities like study abroad, undergraduate research, internships, and more, you’ll gain a better understanding of yourself and your career interests, plus standout to potential graduate schools, professionals programs and employers.

Claire Seifert

Student Spotlight: Claire

"Growing up as a part of a military family, I have moved many times. When it came time to select a university, I was living in Germany and had no idea where I wanted to go, but I knew I wanted to become an event management professional. After doing my research, I chose Purdue because of its highly esteemed Hospitality and Tourism Management program!

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Chase Henning in lab

Chase Henning

School of Health Sciences

"My involvement in undergraduate research has greatly benefited me in my career aspirations. My college experience would not have been the same had I not gotten involved in research early on."

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