Libby Richards

Elizabeth (Libby) Richards, assistant professor of nursing 

The School of Nursing faculty is highly engaged in research across a broad range of areas, including chronic illness care, child and family health, gerontological nursing, population health, and disease prevention. Teamwork and transdisciplinary research are strongly encouraged.

The College of Health and Human Sciences is an invaluable resource for transdisciplinary collaboration.  For example, School of Nursing faculty have partnered recently on research with colleagues in psychology, consumer science, nutrition, human development and family studies, health and kinesiology, and veterinary medicine.

Hibatalla Fadul

Hibatall Fadul, senior majoring in Public Health

The faculty and staff I have encountered are experienced, caring and helpful. They also are a good source of information, inspiration and advice.

I did an internship related to my Public Health major. I had the opportunity to work in the Hypertension Program offered by the A.H. Ismail Center for Health, Exercise and Nutrition. This program includes faculty and students majoring in different disciplines (Pharmacy, Nutrition, Applied Exercise and Health, and Public Health). The students work together to help Ismail Center clients with hypertension learn how to live a healthy lifestyle by maintaining their blood pressure through diet and exercise. The Hypertension Program exposed me to the clinical part of my major; the internship experience overall advanced my interpersonal communication skills, time-management skills, and professional skills.

My favorite thing about Purdue is the simplicity and convenience of campus. The way the campus is set up makes it easy to get around. It feels like a home away from home. Also, I like the challenging curriculum which motivates you as well as stimulates your brain and prepares you for the real world. 

Ted Harper

Ted Harper (NUTR ’08), team sports dietitian/nutritionist for the New England Patriots

The core skill set of how I practice, and how I practice well, I learned at Purdue. I learned food service here and had many courses in that. The Patriots have their own chefs. I have full control over what farms we order from, and I tell the chefs how to prepare it.

I also learned a lot in a nutrition communications course I took from Barbara Mayfield. I learned how important soundbites are. Many athletes have short attention spans. I have to make what I tell them short, brief and impactful, and get straight to the point. Barbara also taught me how to build a story, to build a beginning and an ending and include many soundbites. The biggest thing I learned is doing an education assessment to try to figure out what you need to do to keep people learning. Are they a verbal or non-verbal learner? I do a ton of research on incoming rookies and free agents to learn how to teach them and how they learn.

Jennifer Freeman

Jennifer Freeman, associate professor of toxicology

HHS is a great place to be a professor as we get the opportunity to work with exceptional graduate and undergraduate students during their educational training. For example, students interested in toxicology and environmental health are directly involved and integrated with our research groups. They have a chance to share and implement their own ideas towards making new discoveries and communicating their research findings to the scientific community and general public. This research is working towards increasing our understanding of how environmental chemicals influence human health throughout our life time, playing a role in setting environmental regulations, and ultimately aimed at decreasing disease risks.

Jennifer Dobbs-Oates

Jennifer Dobbs-Oates, clinical associate professor of human development and family studies

I love teaching in the College of Health and Human Sciences at Purdue University because my students are motivated by a genuine desire to help individuals, families, and communities. I get to teach these students about human development, family dynamics, and real strategies for making lives better. Best of all, I get to see these students put their knowledge and skills to work in the classroom and in community-based experiences like service-learning and internships.

David Rollock

David Rollock, 150th Anniversary Professor and Professor of Psychological Sciences

I came to Purdue over thirty years ago both because of the excellence of the Department of Psychological Sciences, and because of the strength of the network of departments and scholars in which it was embedded at Purdue University.  The success of our Department over the years—our cutting-edge scientific research, our thoughtful and innovative teaching that has launched generations of productive, successful alumni, and the outreach and evidence-based services we provide to our local and global communities—only has been focused and strengthened since the formation of our College of Health and Human Sciences in 2010. I look forward the continued growth of a community of faculty, staff, and students working together to make lives better.
Jonathon Day

Jonathon Day, Associate Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management

I love the energy of the College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS). There is an excitement about Making Lives Better that shines through the whole HHS team. In my work in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, we are working to improve the quality of life of people and communities through sustainable tourism. Our work is making an impact on the world’s largest industry – tourism. That’s definitely sometime to be excited about. 

Jessica Huber

Jessica Huber, Professor of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

HHS is a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative College. This climate has allowed me to expand my scholarship into areas that I would never have anticipated as a junior scientist, increasing the impact of my scholarship. The diversity of the leaders and faculty creates an inclusive and supportive environment. The connection between basic and applied science and the focus on improving quality of life resonate strongly with my personal goals and priorities. The ethos of a land-grant institution – the importance of scholarship, teaching, and engagement – clearly drive our College’s goals and contribute to our success.  I cannot imagine that I could have chosen a better place to start my career than Purdue and I cannot imagine a better place to continue my career than within HHS.

Aaron Bowman

Aaron Bowman, Professor of Health Sciences

HHS has a strong culture of transdisciplinary collaboration. The remarkable span of disciplines represented go from basic research to medical and human health sciences. My own lab studies the cellular mechanisms by which our environment and individual genetics impacts disease risk; and in the just my first 6 months here as faculty I’ve discussed collaborative opportunities well outside my own field with researchers from Nutrition, Nursing and Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences to open up doors connecting our work to direct human subject based research. HHS offers great opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and faculty to make wide-reaching and impactful discoveries that improve human and public health.

Angela Abbott

Angie Abbott, Assistant Dean and Associate Director
Health and Human Sciences Extension

I am a "people person" who looks forward to meeting new people and lifelong learning. Purdue’s Land-Grant mission in the College of Health and Human Sciences provides the perfect platform for me to engage with local communities and transfer knowledge to and from local communities.  The world-class faculty in HHS can help communities find solutions to challenges and the community can help inform research questions – together we make lives better!

Christopher Agnew

Christopher R. Agnew, Professor of Psychological Sciences

It would be difficult to imagine a more conducive environment for learning and discovery than HHS at Purdue. This shouldn’t be surprising given that we designed HHS from the very beginning to facilitate impactful connections between scholars and students, but I do believe we have succeeded beyond our greatest expectations.

Annie Drews

Annie Drews, (HTM'14) Professional volleyball player
USA Volleyball Women's National Team

Purdue's student-athlete support was top-notch and volleyball wasn’t a secondary sport, but a huge priority in athletics. I knew that I wanted to study something with food to allow me to follow my passion for the food industry. There’s not much overlap between my pro career and my degree, however, it is really fun to travel as much as I do and be able to see how the food and lodging industry varies from place to place. Purdue is what you make it, and it really felt all-inclusive. It checked a lot of boxes for me.

Rahmaan Ruth

Rahmaan "Rocky" Ruth, current student of Consumer Science

I chose retail management with a concentration in apparel design technology to get the knowledge and experience to lead my dream company, a 360-degree retailer under the name "PROXY." I am currently finalizing the business model and launching the website and social media. My favorite faculty are Kris Chang-Alexander and Dr. Jang. Kris teaches the apparel design concentration. He is thoughtful, very precise, and amazing at conceptualizing how individual pieces of a complex garment fit together, so I really look up to him as a designer. Dr. Jang, professor of hospitality and tourism management (HTM) teaches accounting. He is very intelligent (he was in mechanical engineering before he moved to a successful career in HTM), and genuinely funny (not funny like a professor, an actual advanced sense of humor) ,but most of all, he’s super stylish and wears shades.

Pepper Burruss

Pepper Burruss, Director of sports medicine administration for the Green Bay Packers

At Purdue, I learned how critical it is to network and how important it is to add as much education as you can fit in. I had no intention of adding degrees when I first came there. I had zero intention of becoming a physical therapist. But when I asked the staff, including legendary athletic trainer William “Pinky” Newell, what I should do next, he said to go to physical therapy school. So, I went to to Northwestern University Medical School, where I received a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy. But my heart remains with Purdue. I learned a lot of things at Purdue, other than my trade. I am proud of my education, and I am a dyed-in-the-wool Boilermaker.

Alec Suarez

Alec Suarez, Public Health major

I chose HHS because I discovered my current major, public health. Being in HHS and public health has allowed me to pursue my personal and professional goals of bettering communities. As well, I have had the opportunity to work with wonderful HHS staff and peers in the college. Having my internship under HHS faculty has been one of my greatest experiences at Purdue. Their passion for knowledge, and their willingness to work with you to reach the next step in your personal and professional goals has made my time in HHS one that I cherish deeply.