Our college prepares scholars, develops leaders, translates theory to practice, and advances knowledge of human behavior, health, and quality of life. Key Characteristics:

  • An interdisciplinary environment for discovery, learning, and engagement
  • Faculty and graduates who are leaders in the health and human sciences
  • Research that advances knowledge and is responsive to ever-changing conditions
  • Applications of knowledge to improve people's well-being
  • Engagement with diverse constituencies and communities to address a broad spectrum of human needs.


Our college's people and programs have an increasingly positive impact on the behavior, health, and quality of life of people.

We Make Lives Better

  • By building and maintaining a climate of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • By offering high quality mentoring and professional development for students, faculty, and staff
  • By advancing transdisciplinary, translational research to solve local, national, and global challenges
  • By developing the next generation of basic, applied, advanced, progressive, innovative, and forward-thinking scientists to improve human health and quality of life
  • By preparing students to be leaders in their professions and communities
  • By preparing excellent practitioners1, and preparing students for professional graduate programs2
  • By creating online offerings that support student progress, foster the career development of diverse groups of students and alumni, and serve workforce needs
  • By engaging with the public locally, throughout Indiana, globally, and sustainably