Life Inspired E-grams

Let someone know how much you appreciate them by sending an HHS Life Inspired E-gram!

Press and hold to save an e-gram to your mobile device, or right click and save to your computer. Upload to social media and tag your friend(s) to let them know you are thinking about them!

Remember to tag Purdue HHS!

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You are the bestA great employee is like
I am so thankful for youI am so glad you are in my life
I love youThank you for going the extra mile
Thank you for your supportstay awesome
Thank You for Making Lives BetterThanks for all you do
You are beautifulThank You So Much!
Thanks for always being there for meYou are kind
Thanks for always being there when I need youThank You
Your friendship means so much to meI am so thankful for your friendship
Thank you for your part in my journey