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Global Ambassador: Sami Saleh Alghamdi

Sami Saleh Alghamdi, from Saudi Arabia, graduated with a PhD in Electrical Engineering. His research focused on electrical characteristics of modern nano electronic devices.

Read more about Sami's experience in graduate school below. Please note: Sami provided these answers while he was still a graduate student at Purdue.

Ambassador Q & A (Questions and Answers)

Sami Saleh Alghamdi

Why did you choose Purdue?

After long research on what could be the best place that I could spend my next 6-8 years in USA, and at the same time pursue my career as professor, Purdue was the best option among my top 10 choices. Purdue is home for pioneer researchers in my field.

What is your favorite fact about Purdue?

The pride I have being a Boilermaker is something every Purdue student should feel.

Career goal?

Teaching and research are my passion, so I would definitely continue working in academia.

Where do you spend most of your time on campus?

In my nice office at Birck.

What apps, software, or tools can’t you live without?

Matlab, Excel, LaTeX, and of course Whatsap.

What’s your workspace setup?

I usually sit by my desktop in our research group room with my Starbucks coffee.

What do you listen to while you work?

When I work and need to concentrate, I prefer complete silence.

What are you currently reading, or what is the last thing you read?

I love reading articles about civilization history around the world, politics, and economy.

What everyday thing are you better at than everyone else?

I love trying new things and winning opportunities. I take initiative when it comes to social life, too.

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