Global Ambassador: Anastasiia Vasiukhina

Anastasiia Vasiukhina, from Moscow, Russia, is a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering. Her research focuses working with nanoparticles for cancer therapy applications. 

Ambassador Q & A (Questions and Answers)


Why did you choose Purdue?

During the summer before my senior year, I participated in Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program here at Purdue. I really liked the biomedical engineering department, the lab I was working in, my research advisors, the amazing collaborative environment, as well as outstanding facilities that Purdue had to offer. When SURF was over, I realized that I really wanted to come back here for grad school. So I did.

What is your favorite fact about Purdue?

The fact that Purdue is one of the best engineering schools in the country.

Career goal?

I would prefer to keep those to myself at this point, as I believe that actions speak louder than words.

Where do you spend most of your time on campus?

In the lab, on the 3rd floor of Martin Jischke Hall of Biomedical Engineering.

What apps, software, or tools can’t you live without?

Now that I’m in grad school, I cannot live without Box and Google Calendar. I will probably survive without YouTube, Facebook and Instagram if I have to, but I definitely use those apps a lot as well. 

What’s your workspace setup?

My desk in the grad student office is an organized chaos (and I’m pretty sure that I’m the only person who sees some degree of organization in it), but guess what? Recently, I’ve read an article saying that a messy desk is a sign of a genius. So everything makes perfect sense now.

What do you listen to while you work?

When I work and need to concentrate, I prefer complete silence. However, if I am working late in the lab and need to stay awake, I will listen to Imagine Dragons-it’s my favorite band.

What are you currently reading, or what is the last thing you read?

“Memoirs of a Geisha” by Arthur Golden.

What's the best advice you've ever received?

Don’t worry about anything too much, no matter what it is, because this too shall pass.

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