Did You Know?

Being a part of the Purdue Community means that you have a world of opportunities available to you. Check out some of the amazing resources Purdue has to offer and make the most of your time as a Boilermaker. Your next giant discovery starts here!

Well-Being Resources

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS delivers wide-ranging psychological services to students at Purdue. Some services are provided at no charge. 

Purdue Counseling and Guidance Center

This center provides counseling to students on a wide range of topics. No fees are charged for counseling or tests.

Office of Graduate Assistance (OGA)

The Graduate School’s OGA provides grad students with confidential assistance with issues pertaining to academia.

Steps to Leaps (S2L) 

S2L is a framework with five convenient, self-assessment pillars to help students improve their well-being.

Purdue Convocations Student Discount 

Convocations brings world-class performances to Purdue, including musicals, concerts, theatre, and more!

Purdue Recwell

The CoRec offers fitness classes, intramural sports, mindfulness & nutrition programs, and more!

Purdue Galleries

Purdue Galleries features artwork from regional, national, and international artists, as well as permanent collections.

Purdue Theatre Student Discount

The Department of Theatre at Purdue offers four productions per year involving a mix of students, faculty, and guest artists.

Graduate Parent Support Network (GPSn)

GPSn is an organization that helps graduate students with children connect and navigate school-related issues.

Graduate Student Pint Nights

The Graduate School hosts monthly pint nights to help graduate students connect and unwind.

Student Activities and Organizations (SAO)

SAO helps students connect with like-minded student organizations and events across campus.

Purdue Cultural Centers

Purdue is home to many cultural centers, resources, and networks designed to foster a diverse, inclusive environment.

Professional Development

What We Offer

The Graduate School offers 300+ free professional development workshops annually. Our workshop topics include communication, financial well-being, mental health, mentorship, teaching & research, career preparation, grantsmanship, and more!

How to Register

To register for the Graduate School’s workshops, graduate students must create a GoSignMeUp account. You can find step-by-step directions for creating an account, as well as a complete list of current workshops by clicking the button below.

Find Workshops

Three Minute Thesis (3MT)

3MT® is a research communication competition that challenges students to share their research in three minutes. 

Say It In 6

Say It In 6® is a competition that challenges you to tell a story about your Purdue experience using only six words.

Graduate Research Magazine

InnovatED is Purdue’s first graduate research magazine and has reached readers in more than 45 countries.

Boilers Work Internship Program

The Boilers Work Internship Program provides ten graduate students per year with a $7,500 stipend to pursue an unpaid summer internship. This program is intended to help graduate students garner real-world work experience, refine soft skills, and establish career connections prior to graduation.

Accelerate to Industry (A2i) 

Founded by NC State University, Accelerate to Industry (A2i™) prepares graduate students for industry careers through five modules, including Industry Job Search Strategies, Industry Company Site Visits, Industry Internships, Industry Team Practicums, and Industry Immersion Week.

Campus Resources

Purdue Graduate Student Center (PGSC)

The PGSC is located on campus at 504 Northwestern Avenue. The facility is open to all current graduate students, offers study spaces, and is home to the Purdue Graduate Student Government, Black Graduate Student Association, and two CAPS mental health counselors.

Center for Instructional Excellence (CIE)

The Center for Instructional Excellence works with graduate teaching assistants to support innovative teaching practices. They offer teaching services like syllabus templates, confidential consultations, early feedback, college teaching certificates, and more! 

Video Express Labs

Video Express Labs are self-service video recording studios that allow graduate students to easily record high-quality videos capable of including PowerPoints, screen captures, and more. These labs can be used to create videos for online classes, research expositions, etc. Video Express Labs are free to graduate students. 

Access to Legal Advice

The Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG) Immigration Attorney Initiative provides West Lafayette Purdue students with free, one-on-one consultations and information sessions with an immigration attorney. Student Legal Services (SLS) also offers graduate students legal services for a variety of issues.

ACE Campus Food Pantry

ACE Campus Food Pantry serves members of the Purdue community who are experiencing food insecurity. Students in need should bring their PUID.  


Funding Resources

Graduate School Grants

The Graduate School offers three grants to facilitate research-related travel. Two of these grants provide $1,500 in funding, while the other reimburses students for their travel expenses. Summer Research Grants are also available, which provide students with eight weeks of support. 

PGSG Grants

The Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG) offers a number of grants to address student needs, including childcare grants, travel grants, professional grants, equipment grants, symposium grants, student organization grants, and an emergency needs fund.

Office Overview

The Graduate School’s Fellowship Office provides resources and assistance for fellowship applicants and current graduate student fellows. The goal of this office is to help graduate students learn about fellowship opportunities, teach fundamental writing skills, and guide students through grant and fellowship application processes. 

Services & Resources

The Fellowship Office offers a plethora of online and in-person resources, including a list of outside fellowships, grantsmanship workshops, past webinar recordings, fellowship application templates, and more. This office also offers one-on-one consultations, access to Fellowship Writing Coaches, and feedback on application drafts. To learn more about this office and its resources, click the button below.

Fellowship Office

Community Perks

The Purdue Foundry

The Purdue Foundry offers students mentorship, resources, and services to help make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Check out their startup toolkit, sign-up for coaching, and more!

Ride the City Bus for Free

CityBus offers free rides for Purdue students with a valid Purdue photo ID. Free rides are available on all routes throughout Lafayette and West Lafayette.

Purdue University Veterinary Hospital

Graduate Students are eligible for a 10% discount on select services provided by the hospital. To qualify, students must complete a discount application form, and select the box for “Staff.”

Technology Discounts

Qualified graduate students have access to discounted pricing on computer hardware, software, and other services through the ITaP Shopping Program.

Travel Discounts

Purdue students are eligible for several travel discounts that can be used for both business and personal travel, including Airfare (business only), Airport Parking, Car Rental, and Hotel discounts.

Healthcare Resources

Insurance Benefits

  • Low in-network deductible ($200) & individual out-of-pocket max ($1,500)
  • Low monthly premium (~$57/ grad staff) (~$124/ grad student)
  • 100% in-network Preventive Care Coverage
  • No charge office visits at PUSH for illness or injury
  • Vision coverage included, plus discounts on lenses and frames
  • Access to affordable dental coverage

Purdue Pharmacy Benefits

  • $25 birth control consultations
  • Many vaccinations available at no cost - applies to dependents if they are on your health plan
  • Smoking and vaping secession classes
  • Travel Health Services (when you travel outside of the US for research)
  • Preferred pharmacy resulting in lower prescription drug costs
  • No deductible for all prescription drugs filled at the Purdue Pharmacy
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