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Katherine Wehde

Katherine Wehde, Science in Schools Coordinator: Katherine is a third-year PULSe student in the Chemical Biology training group and a member of Dr. Hilkka Kenttämaa's lab in the Chemistry Department. Her research is on two main projects, one focuses on the composition and related function of compounds in aviation fuels and another involves creating an efficient oil recovery mechanism to remove and obtain oil bonded to rock. As Coordinator for Science in Schools, she hopes to promote professional development and support creating new educational experiments. She will also continue to work to expand the program to involve other areas of science such as MCMP and ESE to help cultivate scientific interest of many subjects in children. Feel free to contact her with any questions you have about PULSe, Science in School, eMentoring, or her research.

Conrrad Nicholls

Conrrad Nicholls, Science in Schools, Science Day Co-Chair: Conrrad is a second year PULSe student in the Immunology and Infectious Disease training group. He works in the lab of Dr. Richard J. Kuhn which primarily focuses on the molecular and structural understanding of Flaviviruses. His research involves studying the assembly and replication of Zika and Dengue viruses within host cells, which could lead to therapeutics targeted toward interfering with virus assembly, ultimately halting infection and eliminating the virus. As a Co-Chair for Science in Schools, he is excited to share his love of science with elementary school children and help rear the next generation of young scientists!

Sue Heidi Loperana-Medina

Sue Heidi Loperena-Medina, Science in Schools, Science Day Co-Chair: Sue Heidi is a second-year PULSe student in the Immunology and Infectious Diseases Training Group. She has a wide array of research interests including infectious diseases, public health, and low-key likes to read about archeological findings and expeditions from NatGeo. She worries about the lack of access that minority students have in terms of educational opportunities and therefore, likes to be an anchor for motivating students back at her hometown university. Sue Heidi is a Puerto Rican native that loves traveling and exploring new places (that’s how she ended up in Purdue!), and she’s excited to be part of the Science in Schools team and spread the love of science to younger generations.

Nicole Vike

Nicole Vike, Science in Schools, Spring Fest: Nicole Vike is entering her 3rd year of the PULSe program in the integrative neuroscience training group. She is part of the Purdue Neurotruama Group which researches how sports-related concussion injuries and repetitive impacts effect contact sports athletes. Her research focuses on using an MRI method, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, to non invasively investigate changes in brain metabolites in human and animal models. In her free time, Nicole enjoys outdoor activities, going to Wisconsin, and flailing around with her friends. She is looking forward to working with the PULSe GSO to make this year great!

Kathryn Jacobson

Kathryn Jacobson, Science in Schools, Spring Fest: Kathryn is a third year PULSe student in the Biotechnology Training Group, working in Dr. Sarah Calve’s lab in Biomedical Engineering. Her research focuses on the proteomics of the extracellular matrix during embryonic development in mice. As co-chair for Spring Fest, she is excited to join Purdue University in celebrating research all over campus.

Lama Abdullah Alabdi

Lama AlAbdi, Science in Schools, Science Night Co-Chair: Lama is a fourth year PULSe student in the Chromatin and Regulation of Gene Expression Training Group working. She is working in Dr. Humaira Gowher’s laboratories with the specific interest in studying the crosstalk between chromatin signatures and DNA methylation as epigenetic regulators of transcription in development and the perturbation of these regulatory mechanisms in the state of disease. As Co-Chair for Science in Schools night event, she hopes to support the reciprocal learning environment between Lafayette community and PULSe individuals and to encourage the young minds to be inspired by the wonders of scientific thinking and discovery.

Stephan Miloro

Stephen Miloro, Science in Schools, Science Night Co-Chair: Stephen is a third year PULSe student in the Molecular Signaling and Cancer Biology Training Group working in Dr. Jenna Rickus’ Lab. His research focuses on characterizing the influence of the tumor microenvironment on hydrogen peroxide consumption and differentiation in Glioblastoma Multiforme cells. As the Science in Schools Science Night Co-Chair, he hopes to introduce young minds to the fascinating world of STEM and inspire the next generation of scientists.

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