Thomas Talavage

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Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1998

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Training Group(s):
Integrative Neuroscience

Active Mentor - currently hosting PULSe students for laboratory rotations and recruiting PULSe students into the laboratory; serves on preliminary exam committees

Current Research Interests:

Primary research activities are related to elucidating the mechanisms underlying cumulative strain injuries associated with repetitive subconcussive blows in youth collision-sport athletes (see Additional activities relate to better characterization of neurophysiologic health using multiple magnetic resonance-related neuroimaging modalities. I also continue to work in the auditory neurosciences, with an emphasis on enhancing the efficacy of electrical stimulation patterns, as generated by cochlear implants in response to external acoustic stimulation. 

Selected Publications:

A.R. Guimaraes, J.R. Melcher, T.M. Talavage, J.R. Baker, P. Ledden, B.R. Rosen, N.Y.S. Kiang, B.C. Fullerton and R.M. Weisskoff, “Imaging Subcortical Auditory Activity in Humans,” Human Brain Mapping vol. 6, pp. 33–41, December 1998.

T.M. Talavage, W.B. Edmister, P.J. Ledden and R.M. Weisskoff, “Quantitative Assessment of Auditory Cortex Responses Induced by Imager Acoustic Noise,” Human Brain Mapping vol. 7, pp. 79–88, February 1999.

W.B. Edmister, T.M. Talavage, P.J. Ledden and R.M. Weisskoff, “Improved Auditory Cortex Imaging Using Clustered Volume Acquisitions,” Human Brain Mapping vol. 7, pp. 89–97, February 1999.

T.M. Talavage, P.J. Ledden, R.R. Benson, B.R. Rosen and J.R. Melcher, “Frequency-Dependent Responses Exhibited by Multiple Regions in Human Auditory Cortex,” Hearing Research vol. 150, pp. 225–244, December 2000.

T.M. Talavage, M.I. Sereno, J.R. Melcher, P.J. Ledden, B.R. Rosen and A.M. Dale, “Tonotopic organization in human auditory cortex revealed by progressions of frequency sensitivity,” Journal of Neurophysiology vol. 91, pp. 1282–1296, March 2004.

D. Kemmerer, J. Gonzalez Castillo, T. Talavage, S. Patterson and C. Wiley, “Neuroanatomical distribution of five semantic components of verbs: evidence from fMRI,” Brain and Language vol. 107, pp. 16–43, October 2008.

J. Gonzalez Castillo and T.M. Talavage, “Reproducibility of fMRI activations associated with auditory sentence comprehension,” NeuroImage vol. 54, pp. 2138–2155, February 2011.

O.A. Olulade, J.W. Gilger, T.M. Talavage, G.W. Hynd and C.I. McAteer, “Beyond Phonological Processing Deficits in Adult Dyslexics: Atypical fMRI Activation Patterns for Spatial Problem Solving,” Developmental Neuropsychology vol. 37, pp. 617-635, October 2012.

C. Smalt, J. Gonzalez-Castillo, T.M. Talavage, D.B. Pisoni and M.A. Svirsky, “Neural Correlates of Adaptation in Normal Hearing Subjects to Free Learning with Cochlear Implant Acoustic Simulations,” NeuroImage vol. 82, pp. 500-509, November 2013.

T.M. Talavage, E.A. Nauman, E.L. Breedlove, U. Yoruk, A.E. Dye, K. Morigaki, H. Feuer and L.J. Leverenz, “Functionally-Detected Cognitive Impairment in High School Football Players Without Clinically-Diagnosed Concussion,” Journal of Neurotrauma vol. 31, no. 4, pp. 327-338, February 2014.

V.N. Poole, K. Abbas, T.E. Shenk, E.L. Breedlove, K. Breedlove, M.E. Robinson, L.J. Leverenz, E.A. Nauman, T.M. Talavage and U. Dydak, “MR Spectroscopic Evidence of Brain Injury in the Non-diagnosed Collision Sport Athlete,” Developmental Neuropsychology vol. 39, no. 6, pp. 459-473, August 2014.

K. Abbas, T.E. Shenk, V.N. Poole, E.L. Breedlove, L.J. Leverenz, E.A. Nauman, T.M. Talavage and M.E. Robinson, “Alteration of Default Mode Network in High School Football Athletes due to Repetitive Sub-concussive mTBI – A resting state fMRI study,” Brain Connectivity vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 91-101, April 2015.

M.A. Svirsky, T.M. Talavage, S. Sinha, H. Neuburger and M. Azadpour, “Gradual Adaptation to Auditory Frequency Mismatch,” Hearing Research vol. 322, pp. 163-170, April 2015.

E. McCuen, D. Svaldi, K. Breedlove, N. Kraz, B. Cummiskey, E.L. Breedlove, J. Traver, K.F. Desmond, R.E. Hannemann, E. Zanath, A. Guerra, L. Leverenz, T.M. Talavage and E.A. Nauman, “Collegiate Women's Soccer Players Suffer Greater Cumulative Head Trauma than their High School Counterparts, ” Journal of Biomechanics vol. 48, no. 13, pp. 3720-3723, Oct 2015.

R.D. Ranaweera, M. Kwon, S. Hu, G.G. Tamer, Jr., W.M. Luh and T.M. Talavage, “Temporal Pattern of Acoustic Imaging Noise Asymmetrically Modulates Activation in the Auditory Cortex,” Hearing Research vol. 331, no. 1, pp. 57-68, Jan 2016. 

D.E. Aguiar, N.E. Taylor, J. Li, D. Gazanfari, T.M. Talavage, J.B. Laflen, H. Neuburger and M.A. Svirsky, “Evaluation of a Noiseband-Based Cochlear Implant Simulator,” Hearing Research (Accepted 21 September 2015).


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