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PhD, Baylor College of Medicine

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Computational and Systems Biology
Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Biomolecular Structure and Biophysics

Active Mentor - currently hosting PULSe students for laboratory rotations and recruiting PULSe students into the laboratory; serves on preliminary exam committees

Current Research Interests:

The research projects in my group are focused on method development and applications of cryo-EM to various biological systems. Current application projects include 1) structural basis of assembly and infection mechanism of dsDNA tailed bacteriophages and human noroviruses; 2) structural studies of protein complexes involved in epigenetics, signal transduction, and protein degradation; 3) structural based discovery of antivirals and cancer drugs. We are also interested in developing methods to improve all aspects of cryo-EM techniques including image processing algorithms, high-performance computing, data collection automation, and sample preparation. Current projects include 1) virtual reality-augmented cryo-EM training system (CryoVR); 2) genetic, biochemical, and physical approaches to stabilize protein complexes and to reduce flexibility to allow high-resolution 3-D reconstruction; 3) computational algorithm and software to process cryo-EM 2-D images and to reconstruct 3-D structures at near-atomic resolutions (1.5-4 Angstrom)

Selected Publications:

He, Y., Ye, T., Su, M., Zhang, C., Ribbe, A. E., Jiang, W. and Mao, C. 2008. Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Symmetric Supramolecular Polyhedra. Nature. 452(7183):198-201

Jiang, W., Baker, M. L., Jakana, J., Weigele, P., King, J. and Chiu, W. 2008. Backbone Structure of the Infectious Epsilon15 Virus Capsid Revealed by Electron Cryomicroscopy. Nature. 451(7182): 1130-4.

Liu, X., Jiang, W., Jakana, J. and Chiu, W. 2007. Averaging tens to hundreds of icosahedral particle images to resolve protein secondary structure elements using a multi-path simulated annealing optimization algorithm. J. Struct. Biol. 160(1):11-27

Chang, J., P. Weigele, J. King, W. Chiu, W. Jiang. 2006. Cryo-EM Asymmetric Reconstruction of Bacteriophage P22 Reveals Organization of its DNA Packaging and Infecting Machinery. Structure. 14:1-10.

Jiang, W., Chang, J., Jakana, J., Weigele, P., King, J. and Chiu, W. 2006. Structure of Epsilon15 phage reveals organization of genome and DNA packaging/injection apparatus. Nature.



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