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Harm HogenEsch

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Associate Dean for Research
Professor of Immunopathology

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Immunology and Infectious Diseases

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HogenEsch H, Gijbels MJJ, Offerman E, Van Hooft J, Van Bekkum DW, Zurcher, C (1993) A spontaneous mutation characterized by chronic proliferative dermatitis (cpd) in C57BL/Ka mice. Am J Pathol, 143:972-982.

HogenEsch H, Janke S, Boggess D, Sundberg JP (1999) Absence of Peyer's patches and abnormal lymphoid microarchitecture in chronic proliferative dermatitis (cpdm/cpdm) mice. J Immunol, 162:3890-3896.

HogenEsch H, Torregrosa SE, Boggess D, Sundberg BA, Carroll J, Sundberg JP (2001) Increased expression of type 2 cytokines in chronic proliferative dermatitis (cpdm) mutant mice and resolution of inflammation following treatment with IL-12. Eur J Immunol, 31:734-742.

HogenEsch H (2002) Mechanisms of stimulation of the immune response by aluminum adjuvants. Vaccine, 20:S34 - S39.

Morefield GL, Sokolovska A, Jiang D, HogenEsch H, Robinson JP, Hem SL (2005) Role of aluminum-containing adjuvants in antigen internalization by dendritic cells in vitro. Vaccine, 23: 1588-95.

HogenEsch H, Dunham A, Seymour R, Renninger ML, Sundberg JP (2006) Expression of chitinase-like proteins in the skin of chronic proliferative dermatitis (cpdm/cpdm) mice. Exp Dermatol, 15:808-814.

Seymour R, Hasham MG, Cox GA, Shultz LD, HogenEsch H, Roopenian DC, Sundberg JP (2007) Spontaneous mutations in the mouse Sharpin gene result in multi-organ inflammation, immune system dysregulation, and dermatitis. Genes Immun, 8:416-421.

Sokolovska A, Hem SL, HogenEsch H (2007) Activation of dendritic cells and induction of CD4+ T cell differentiation by aluminum-containing adjuvants. Vaccine, 25:4575-4585.

Hem SL, HogenEsch H (2007) Aluminum-containing vaccine adjuvants (Invited review). Expert Rev Vaccines, 6:685-698.

Renninger ML, Seymour RE, Whiteley LO, Sundberg JP, HogenEsch H (2010) Anti-IL5 decreases the number of eosinophils but not the severity of dermatitis in SHARPIN-deficient mice. Exp Dermatol, 19:252-258.

Wang Z, Sokolovska A, Seymour R, Sundberg JP, HogenEsch H (2012) SHARPIN Is essential for cytokine production, NF-?B signaling, and induction of Th1 differentiation by dendritic cells. PLoS One, 7:e31809.

Wang Z, Potter CS, Sundberg JP, HogenEsch H (2012) SHARPIN is a key regulator of immune and inflammatory responses. J Cell Mol Med, 16:2271-2279.

Lu F, Boutselis I, Borch RF, HogenEsch H (2013) Control of antigen-binding to aluminum adjuvants and the immune response with a novel phosphonate linker. Vaccine, 31:4362-4367.

Lu F, HogenEsch H (2013) Kinetics of inflammation following injection of aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines. Vaccine, 31: 3979-3986.

Seymour R, Shirley B, HogenEsch H, Shultz LD, Sundberg JP (2013) Loss of function of the mouse Sharpin gene results in Peyer's patch regression. PLoS One, 8:e55224.

HogenEsch H (2013) Mechanism of immunopotentiation and safety of aluminum adjuvants. Front Immunol, 3:406.

Potter CS, Wang Z, Silva KA, Kennedy VE, Stearns TM, Burzenski L, Shultz LD, HogenEsch H, Sundberg JP (2014). Chronic proliferative dermatitis in Sharpin null mice: development of an autoinflammatory disease in the absence of B and T lymphocytes and IL4/IL13 signaling. PLoS ONE 9:e85666

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