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Nana Gletsu-Miller

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Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Nutrition and Metabolism at University of Alberta in 1998

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Training Group(s):
Molecular Signaling and Cancer Biology

Current Research Interests:

The major focus of Dr. Gletsu Miller's laboratory is to study the diseases associated with obesity and outcomes following weight loss. The research is done mainly in humans, specifically patients who have undergone bariatric surgery. Improvement in diabetes, cardiometabolic risk, and cancer as well as the mechanisms responsible, are of interest. In addition, the laboratory studies strategies for optimizing nutritional outcomes following bariatric surgery. Current studies involve assessment and treatment of copper and iron deficiency.

Selected Publications:

Gletsu-Miller, N. (2013) Copper deficiency after bariatric surgery. Clinical Nutrition Insight. 39(5):1-4. Other Information.

Gletsu-Miller, N., Wright, B.N. (2013) Mineral malnutrition following bariatric surgery. Advances in Nutrition. 4(5):506-517. Other Information.

Gletsu-Miller, N., Kahn, H.S., Gasevic, D., Liang, Z., Frediani, J.K., Torres, W.E., Ziegler, T.R., Phillips, L.S., Lin, E. (2013) Sagittal abdominal diameter and visceral adiposity: Correlates of beta-cell function and dysglycemia in highly adipose women. Obesity Surgery. 23(7):874-881. Other Information.

Gletsu-Miller, N., Ziegler, T.R. (2012) Risk of multiple micronutrient deficiency following bariatric surgery. New England Journal of Medicine. 367(5):473. Letter to the Editor.

Gletsu-Miller, N., Broderius, M., Frediani, J.K., Zhao, V.M., Griffith, D.P., Davis, S.S. Jr, Sweeney, J.F., Lin, E., Prohaska, J.R., and Ziegler, T.R. (2012) Incidence and prevalence of copper deficiency following roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery. International Journal of Obesity. 36(3):328-335. Epub doi:10.1038/ijo.2011.159.

Lin, E., Armstrong-Moore, D., Liang, Z., Sweeney, J.F., Torres, W.E., Ziegler, T.R., Tangpricha, V., and Gletsu-Miller, N. (2011) Contribution of adipose tissue to plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations during weight loss following gastric bypass surgery. Obesity. 19(3):588-594.

Lin, E., Liang, Z., Frediani, J., Davis, S.S. Jr, Sweeney, J.F., Ziegler, T.R., Phillips, L.S., and Gletsu-Miller, N. (2010) Improvement in beta-cell function in patients with normal- and hyper-glycemia following roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery. American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism. 299(5):E706-712.

Gletsu-Miller, N., Hansen, J., Jones, D.P., Go, Y-M., Torres, W.E., Ziegler, T.R., and Lin, E.. (2009) Loss of total and visceral adipose tissue mass predict decreases in oxidative stress after weight loss surgery. Obesity. 17:439-446.

Gletsu, N., Lin, E., Zhu, J-L., Khaitan, L., Ramshaw, B.J., Farmer, P.K., Ziegler, T.R., Papanicolaou, D.A., and Smith, C.D. (2006) Increased plasma interleukin-6 concentrations and exaggerated adipose tissue interleukin 6 content in severely obese patients after operative trauma. Surgery. 140:50-57.

Gletsu, N., Lin, E., Khaitan, L., Lynch, S.A., Ramshaw, B.J., Raziano, R., Torres, W.E., and Ziegler, T.R. (2005) Changes in C-Reactive protein predict insulin sensitivity in severely obese individuals following weight loss surgery. Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery. 9:1119-1128.

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