Brian Dilkes

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Assistant Professor
PhD University of Arizona 2003
BLA Oberlin College 1993

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Training Group(s):
Chromatin and Regulation of Gene Expression
Plant Biology

Active Mentor - currently hosting PULSe students for laboratory rotations and recruiting PULSe students into the laboratory; serves on preliminary exam committees

Current Research Interests:

·Genetic mechanisms of hybridization barriers

·Experimental design for next-generation genetics

·Physiological mechanisms and fitness tradeoffs in adaptation

·Integration of genetics and instrument phenotyping (aka ‘omics)

Selected Publications:

Hollister JD, Arnold BJ, Svedin E, Dilkes BP, and Bomblies K 2012 Population genomic analysis of Arabidopsis arenosa suggests adaptation to autopolyploidy. Accepted at PLOS Genetics.

Albertin CB et al., 2012 Cephalopod Genomics: A Plan of Strategies and Organization Accepted at Standards in Genomic Sciences.

Dilkes BP and Baxter I 2012 Elemental profiles reflect plant adaptations to the environment. Science 336 (6089): 1661-1663

Burkart-Waco D, Josefsson C, Dilkes BP, Kozloff N, Torjek O, Meyer R, Altmann T and Comai L 2012 Hybrid incompatibility in Arabidopsis is determined by a multi-locus genetic network. Plant Physiology 158(2): 801-812

Correa R, Stanga J, Larget B, Roznowski A, Shu G, Dilkes BP and Baum DA 2011 An assessment of transgenomics as a tool for identifying genes involved in the evolutionary differentiation of closely related plant species. New Phytologist 193(2): 494-503. doi: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.2011.03949.x

Chang PL, Dilkes BP, McMahon M, Comai L and Nuzhdin SV 2010 Homoeolog-specific retention and use in allotetraploid Arabidopsis suecica depends on parent of origin and network partners. Genome Biology 2010, 11: R125

Henry IM, Dilkes BP, Miller ES, Burkart-Waco D and Comai L 2010 Phenotypic Consequences of Aneuploidy in Arabidopsis thaliana. Genetics. 186(4): 1231-1245

Pignatta D, Dilkes BP, Yoo, SY, Henry IM Madlung, A, Doerge, RW, Chen, JZ and Comai L 2010 Differential sensitivity of the Arabidopsis thaliana transcriptome and enhancers to the effects of genome doubling. New Phytologist 186(1):194-206

Henry IM, Dilkes BP, Tyagi A, Lin H-S and Comai L 2009 Dosage and parent-of-origin effects shaping aneuploid swarms in A. thaliana. Heredity 103(6): 458-468

Walia H, Josefsson C. Dilkes BP, Kirkbride R, Harada J and Comai L 2009 Dosage-dependent deregulation of an AGAMOUS LIKE GENES cluster contributes to interspecific incompatibility. Current Biology 19(13): 1128-1132

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