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North Central (Westville) Graduate Program Heads, Chairs, Directors, and Contacts

The contacts listed below are the graduate program heads, chairs, directors, and graduate contacts for each program.

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All telephone numbers have a 219 prefix


Director of Graduate Studies Joy L. Colwell 989-2257  

Business (XIAB)
Degree Offered: M.B.A.
Degree Offered: M.B.A.    
Dean Cynthia S. Roberts 785-5219   
Graduate Program Director Joy Colwell 219-989-2545  
Graduate Contact Jaclyn Barnhill 219-531-6500  

Education (EDCI)
Degrees Offered: M.S.Ed. (Awarded at PWL), Teacher License (Awarded at PWL)
Chair of the Graduate Committee Kam Chi Chan 785-5564   
Department Chair Kam Chi Chan 785-5564   
Graduate Contact Dierdre Combs 785-5485