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Calumet (Hammond) Graduate Program Heads, Chairs, Directors, and Contacts

The contacts listed below are the graduate program heads, chairs, directors, and graduate contacts for each program.

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All telephone numbers have a 219 prefix


Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Research and Graduate Studies Chenn Q. Zhou 989-8363   
Director of Graduate Studies Joy L. Colwell 989-2545   
Coordinator of Graduate Admissions and Records Margaret R. (Peggy) Greer 989-2257   

Biological Sciences (BIOS)
Degree Offered: M.S.
Interim Department Head W. T. Evert Ting 989-2490  GYTE 
Graduate Program Director W. T. Evert Ting 989-2490  GYTE 
Graduate Contact Erica Burnett 989-2404   

Degrees Offered: Master of Accountancy Degree in Management; M.B.A. Degree in Management
Dean Jane Mutchler 989-2606   
Graduate Program Director Lori Feldman 989-2608   
Graduate Contact Kimberly M. Uhll 989-8092   

Child Development & Family Studies; Dept. of Behavioral Sciences (CDFS)
Degree Offered: M.S. degree in CDFS
Department Head Anne Edwards 989-2384  ECTR 
Graduate Program Director Megan Murphy 989-2101  ECTR 
Graduate Contact JoEllen Sanders 989-2710   

Communication (COMU)
Degree Offered:M.A.
Department Head Thomas J. Roach 989-2508   
Director of Graduate Studies Lee Artz 989-2393  
Graduate Contact Robin McCammon 989-2393   

Computer Science (CS)
Degree Offered: M.S.
Head of the Graduate Program Catherine M. Murphy 989-2270   
Interim Graduate Program Director Hairong Zhao 989-3181   
Graduate Contact Hairong (Helen) Zhao 989-3181   

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECEN)
Degree Offered: M.S.E.C.E
Department Head  Nasser Houshangi 989-2461  
Graduate Program Director  Nasser Houshangi 989-2461   
Graduate Contact  Nadiyah A. Groves 989-3106  

English (ENGL)
Degree Offered: M.A.
Department Head Daniel J. Punday 989-2261   
Graduate Program Director Daniel J. Punday 989-2261   
Graduate Contact Nicole Rinella 989-2645   

Graduate Studies in Education (XEDU)
Degrees Offered: M.S., M.S.Ed. (also offered online)
Department Head Mary Didelot 989-2059 GYTE ANNX 
Chair of Educational Administration Vacant  
Chair of Instructional Technology Vacant  
Chair of Secondary Education Vacant  
Chair of Counseling & Personal Services Lisa A. Hollingsworth 989-2789   
Chair of Elementary Education/Special Education Thomas Mihail 989-2690   
Graduate Contact Virginia Rhodes 989-2326   

History (HIST)
Degree Offered: M.A.
Interim Department Head Paul T. McGrath 989-2425   
Graduate Program Director Saul Lerner 989-2329   
Graduate Contact Susan Schultz 989-2347   

Interdisciplinary Engineering (IDE)
Degrees Offered: M.S.,M.S.E.
Department Head Nasser Houshangi 989-2491  
Graduate Programs Coordinator Nasser Houshangi 989-2491  
Graduate Contact Dyan Murphy 989-2472   

Mathematics (MATH)
Degrees Offered: M.S., M.A.T.
Department Head Catherine M. Murphy 989-2270   
Graduate Program Director Anthony D. Elmendorf 989-2270   
Graduate Contact Catherine M. Murphy 989-2270   

Mechanical Engineering (MECH)
Degree Offered: M.S.M.E.
Department Head George Nnanna 989-2071  
Graduate Program Director George Nnanna 989-2071  
Graduate Contact Dyan D. Murphy 989-2472  

Nursing (NRS)
Degree Offered: M.S.
Dean Peggy S. Gerard 989-2821   
Graduate Program Director Jane A. Walker 989-2815   
Graduate Contact Heather M. Cook 989-2850   

Nursing – Collaborative Doctor of Nursing Practice (NURS)
Degree Offered: D.N.P. (Online)
Department Head Jane Walker 989-2822
Graduate Program Coordinator Jane Walker   989-2822
Graduate Contact

Technology (TECH)
Degrees Offered: M.S. (also offered online); M.S. in Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization (M.S.M.S.V.)
Dean Niaz Latif 989-2332   
Graduate Program Director Mohammad A. Zahraee 989-2464   
Graduate Contact Jody L. Kidd 989-2966