Council Roles

Council President Responsibilities

  • Scheduling of monthly council meetings. This includes determining appropriate meeting times before the beginning of each semester and making room reservations.
  • Chairing each council meeting. The president is responsible for crafting the agenda of topics to be discussed at each meeting and disseminating the agenda and any relevant materials to council members prior to each council meeting. At each meeting, the president presides as chair and directs the council discussion and decisions.
  • Providing direction and leadership for the council. The president is responsible for ensuring that relevant topics are brought to the council’s attention for discussion. When appropriate, the president will be expected to make executive decisions on council matters.
  • Being well-versed on all PPDA council activities, including the status of each project and anticipated completion date. This involves regular communication with subcommittees and council members.
  • Keeping PPDA officers in the loop regarding any updates. For example: forwarding event announcements to the communications officer, informing the secretary of new council members, etc.
  • Serving as spokesperson for the PPDA council, making announcements (usually email) to the community at large on behalf of the council.
  • Encouraging and soliciting council participation from the postdoctoral community.

There are also several duties that the president should be prepared to perform that arise on occasion:

  • Participation on PPDA council subcommittees.
  • Forming ad hoc subcommittees to address transient issues.
  • Modification of PPDA or PPDA council procedures or structure when needed, seeking council approval when appropriate.
  • Form new contacts from Purdue within and without, for the purpose of improving the postdoctoral experience at Purdue.

PR officer responsibilities

  • Attendance at monthly PPDA council meetings.
  • Soliciting occasional meetings with Purdue department heads and deans in order to inform about the PPDA and its activities.
  • Keeping well-organized notes from meetings with any PPDA-external representative.
  • Reporting results of meetings at monthly council meetings.
  • Participating in council subcommittees when activities are directly related to PPDA advocacy (e.g. open houses, callouts).
  • Being informed with all PPDA activities, when queried by those unfamiliar with the PPDA.

PPDA Secretary responsibilities

  • Attending monthly PPDA council meetings.
  • Recording attendance at monthly council meetings, keeping attendance roster up-to-date.
  • At council meetings, taking notes (handwritten or electronic) of all substantive comments, discussions, decisions, including attributing comments to council members.
  • Drafting the first version of PPDA council meeting minutes, taken from notes at the council meeting.
  • Sending meeting minutes draft to the PPDA council president prior to the next council meeting (the meeting minutes draft will be approved/amended at the next council meeting).
  • Upon council approval of meeting minutes, submission of final draft of meeting minutes to communications officer for posting to the PPDA website.
  • Keeping PPDA council roster and contact information up-to-date.

Council member responsibilities

  • Attendance at monthly hour-long council meetings. These are usually scheduled at the beginning of the semester, and efforts are made to accommodate as many schedules as possible. The attendance of each council member is noted in each the minutes of each PPDA council meeting. In the event that a council member cannot attend a meeting for any reason, s/he should notify the PPDA President as soon as possible. In such cases, an excused absence is noted in the meeting minutes.
  • Participation in council meeting discussions – as a council member you have the power to influence the professional development of all postdocs at Purdue.
  • Honest and impartial contributions to the postdoctoral community at Purdue in the form of service during council meetings and on subcommittee(s).
  • When an individual can no longer perform his or her duties as a council member, s/he should inform both the PPDA council president and secretary.

All council members are encouraged to serve on one or more subcommittees formed from the council and the postdoc community at large. Refer to the list of subcommittees for more information.

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