2015 Award Winners

Most Outstanding Interdisciplinary Project Award

Haroon Mohammad

Haroon Mohammad, a graduate student in Compative Pathobiology, was awarded the Most Outstanding Interdisciplinary Project Award for his poster project entitled: “New Drugs for Bad Bugs - Development of Novel Synthetic Antimicrobials for Treatment of MRSA Infections."

Soumitra Ghosh

Soumitra Ghosh, a graduate student in Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology (Life Sciences Program), was awarded an Honorable Mention for his poster project entitled: “Chronic stress induces Syk associated stress granules in microglial cells impairing phagocytosis."

Yangxuan Liu

Yangxuan Liu, a graduate student in Agricultural Economics, was awarded an Honorable Mention for her poster project entitled: “Risk management strategies using potato precision farming technology."


Certificate of Excellence Awards

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program 
Certificate of Excellence Winner
Project/ Presentation Title
Comparative Literature 
Christina Weiler      
“Reliving the Rise of Fascism through the Power of Images-Meta-Filmic (Anti-) Propaganda in the German Film “The Wave”(2008)
Computational Life Sciences
Neha Rana
“Predicting NMR-like ensemble of protein structure using Anisotropic Network Model”
Computational Science & Engineering
Lidia Mrad
“Dynamic Analysis of Chevron Structures in Liquid Crystal Films”
Ecological Sciences and Engineering
Matt Harris   
“Citizen Science and Mobile Technology: The Record the Earth Project a Mobile Application for Research, Outreach, and Global Data Collection”
Food Science
Dennis Cladis
“Swordfish Size-Mercury Correlation: New Tools for Postharvest Safety Analysis”
Marissa Rurka
“Adult Children’s Serious Health Conditions and the Flow of Support between the Generations”
Information Security
Joe Beckman
“Data Spillage in Haddop Clusters”
Ingestive Behavior R. Drew Sayer  

“Effect of Almond Consumption of the Neural Response in the Left Insula”

Interdepartmental Nutrition Program Kelly Wagner

“Hyperglycemia in Adolescents and Association with Dietary Habits Obtained using Bright Futures Questionnaire, a Common Clinical Behavioral Assessment Tool”

Life Sciences(PULSe)   Sasha M. Vega Alvarez  

“Oxidative stress-mediated inflammation and subsequent impairments in social stress and safety learning after mild blast-induced traumatic brain injury (mbTBI)"

Linguistics Wengfeng Li   “YOU-MEI-You+VP in Mandarin Chinese: a corpus-based study"
Women’s Studies Mandy Wheadon  

Examining the Language used in Entrepreneurship Education and Research from an Interdisciplinary Gender & Communication Perspective"

Other Interdisciplinary Research, non-IGP      Meredith Robins (Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology)

“Effect of Adolescent Caffeine and Alcohol Consumption on Adult Behavior and brain Adaptations"

Other Interdisciplinary Research, non-IGP      Harsh Wardhan Aggarwal (Industrial Engineering)  “Saving a Billion for Aviation Industry lead to Energy Development from City Trash and increase in the Standard of Living"

Purdue Interdisciplinary Audience Choice Award

The attendees at the spring 2015 reception voted on their favorite presentations and the honor of the Interdisciplinary Audience Choice Award was conferred upon  Chao Yang.

Chao Yang

Chao Yang’s (Interdisciplinary Nutrition Sciences) presentation entitled "Resveratrol and pterostilbene inhibit TNF-alpha stimulated activation of NF-kaapaB and its upstream TAK1 in Raw 264.7 macrophages"


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