Global Ambassador Story: Prepared for Anything

Picture of Global Ambassador, Daniel Madrinan Chiquito, and friends posing with masks

Story by Daniel Madrinan Chiquito, MS Student in Computer Graphics Technology

Starting in the Fall 2020 semester, many of us were a bit frightened to return to campus. The new hybrid class structure (online mixed with in-person) caused us to be concerned that we might not have the same quality of interaction with our classmates and our professors. But, with the great support of Protect Purdue, all the spaces were adequate to perform educational activities while keeping everyone safe. Social distancing between in-person students was provided, as well as supplies for personal cleaning and disinfecting of areas, for those attending in person. Those attending online using ZOOM, Teams or WebEx allowed them to be and feel equally part of the class...

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February 07, 2022

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