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Researchers propose new topological phase of atomic matter hosting ‘photonic skyrmions’

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The field of topology or the study of how surfaces behave in different dimensions has profoundly influenced the current understanding of matter. 

New technology for protein complex discovery holds promise for biotechnology and crop improvement

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Living cells survive and adapt by forming stable protein complexes that allow them to modulate protein activity, do mechanical work and convert signals into predictable responses, but identifying the proteins in those complexes is technically challenging. 

Acid may be key ingredient for better adhesive strength, electronic components

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An acid used for medicine and to flavor some drinks soon may help make electronic components and certain adhesives more durable and better for the environment.

Don’t bring the heat: New visualization technique offers alternative to heat maps to track spatial data sets

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Simple, concise approach designed to make data easier to understand, compare

Purdue utilizes high-tech AI to improve coal-burning power plants

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Purdue’s mechanical engineering faculty and students are using artificial intelligence to help coal-dependent areas make the eventual transition to renewable energies.

Twitter ‘fingerprint’ helps decode how individuals respond to crises

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Often in the case of a disaster, there are too few resources available to the community.

New safer, inexpensive way to propel small satellites

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Micropropulsion system that provides robust, efficient option, reduces contamination risks is presented at IEEE Pulsed Power and Plasma Science Conference

Novel X-Blockchain technology can help users share shopping, airline, other rewards

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Marketplace helps users barter goods such as rewards through secure, confidential blockchain technology

Light may increase magnetic memory speeds 1,000 times, decrease electricity consumption

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Internet searches, decade-old emails and on-demand video offerings help contribute to electricity consumption by America’s server farms and data centers amounting to more than 2 percent of the country’s annual total.

Study highlights nitrogen efficiency gains in corn hybrids over 70 years

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During the past 70 years, hybrid corn varieties have increased both yield and nitrogen use efficiency at nearly the same pace, largely by preserving leaf function during grain filling.

The organic label doesn’t tell the full story

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Organic producers are helping India’s farmers safeguard their land

3D body mapping could identify, treat organs, cells damaged from medical conditions

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A team from Purdue University created a tissue scaffold to help treat organs and cells damaged by cancers and other diseases.

Too much sodium, not enough vitamins and minerals in diets of pregnant women

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A new study suggests that many pregnant women are not getting the proper amounts of some vitamins and minerals, even with supplements, while many are getting potentially excessive amounts of sodium.

Lessons from Columbine: New technology provides insight into ‘run, hide, fight’ during active shooter situations

Run, hide, fight! It has become a mantra for how to act during an active shooter situation. The idea is to escape the situation or protect oneself, and counter the gunman as a last resort.

Shot could remove side effects from late-stage head and neck cancer therapy

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For advanced stages of head and neck cancer, one of the best treatments is so aggressive that it could bring tooth decay, speech loss, constant nausea or all of the above.

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