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Appetizing equation: Use the power of math to improve food texture, consistency

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Purdue University researchers developed a mathematical model for use in designing starch products with desirable textures.

AI, robots, data software helping create new approach for planning cities of the future

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Artificial intelligence and robots are playing significant roles as planners develop the cities of the future.

‘Shield’ of sea creature inspires materials that can handle their own impact without falling apart

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The mantis shrimp can fight itself without getting injured. Researchers are mimicking the tail segment structures that make this possible.

AI technology improves critical crack detection in nuclear reactors, bridges, buildings

System uses artificial intelligence to help officials identify, repair structural damage before catastrophic incidents

Laser technique could unlock use of tough material for next-generation electronics

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Researchers make graphene tunable, opening up its band gap to a record 2.1 electronvolts

Older adults can be safely discharged from nursing homes if proper networks are in place

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It could be your grandmother who fell and broke her hip and is in a nursing home receiving therapy to get her balance and strength back. 

Left behind: How disruptive technology may choose society’s winners and losers

Additional findings from Airbnb study suggest black neighborhoods were frequently perceived as “shady” and “risky”

Cities living with a strong chance of rain

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Heavy rain can overwhelm municipal infrastructure and lead to flooding that can threaten lives and property. 

Nature paper offers global map to understand changing forests

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An international collaboration of hundreds of scientists - led in part by the Forest Advanced Computing and Artificial Intelligence(FACAI) Laboratory in Purdue’s Department of Forestry and Natural Resources - has developed the world’s first global map of tree symbioses. 

New nitrogen fertilizer texture may reduce nitrate levels, make water safer

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Layered technology could help improve water quality, lower costs for farmers

Many rotator cuff shoulder surgeries fail. Understanding the tendon better could help.

A few years ago, when Dianne Little was leading a horse around the corner of a barn, she was suddenly met by a piece of construction equipment with a tarp flapping heavily in the wind.

Creating a global map of the protein shape universe

Novel mapping technique opens the door to new insights about functions in the body 

AI research offers more eyes and ears to search and rescue missions

Rescue teams descended on the destruction left by Hurricane Michael in October, frantically searching for survivors.

Bittersweet finding: Soft drinks, including diet sodas, contribute to increased sugar intake and total calorie consumption in children

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A new study reports that children ages 2-17 who drink sweetened beverages, including diet and regular sodas, have higher sugar and calorie intake than children who consume unsweetened alternatives, like water. 

The right information at the right time

AI project on machine learning wants computers to anticipate what data users want 

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