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New technologies aim to make 3D cameras easier to use

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A 3D camera should be as easy to use as one found on a smartphone.

Collapsible basket technology aims to improve drug discovery, personalized medicine

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A drug discovery scientist typically screens up to 10,000 compounds in the early stages of developing one FDA approved drug. During this high-throughput screening, candidate compounds are initially tested on cell and tissue samples.

How do you make adhesives for electronics, vehicles, and construction tougher?

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Make them tougher by making them weaker.  That’s the proposed solution from a Purdue University research team – well-known for its adhesive technology.

Turbomachine expander offers efficient, safe strategy for heating, cooling

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A new device to help homeowners cut electricity bills also could provide more efficient and safer cooling options for companies and vehicles.

New technology for pathogen detection driven by lasers

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Technology combines innovative assays with laser pulses

Hybrid technique aims to produce stronger, corrosion-resistant nickel for auto, medical, manufacturing industries

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Nickel is a widely used metal in the manufacturing industry for both industrial and advanced material processes. Now, Purdue University innovators have created a hybrid technique to fabricate a new form of nickel that may help the future production of lifesaving medical devices, high-tech devices and vehicles with strong corrosion-resistant protection.

Don’t blame U.S. biofuels for Indonesia and Malaysia deforestation, study shows

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Since 1990, the United States has ramped up its production of biofuels — to about 16 billion gallons of ethanol and 1.6 billion gallons of biodiesel in 2017. At the same time, production of palm oil has increased nearly sixfold, mainly for food production, and with it significant deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Coronavirus therapies slowed by intermittent nature of outbreaks

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Medicines and vaccines are in development but exist only in laboratories for now

‘Mechanical breathing’ in smart windows

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Smart windows automatically change transparency when a voltage is applied. However, one reason they aren't more widespread is that the polymer inside dramatically expands and shrinks with every charge. Purdue University researchers have dubbed this effect "mechanical breathing."

Deep learning, 3D technology to improve structure modeling for protein interactions, create better drugs

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Proteins are often called the working molecules of the human body. A typical body has more than 20,000 different types of proteins, each of which are involved in many functions essential to human life.

Purdue alum slated to graduate with NASA’s latest astronaut class

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Two years after being named a NASA astronaut candidate, a Purdue University alumna is preparing to drop “candidate” from her title.

Millions with swallowing problems could be helped through new wearable device

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A wearable monitoring device to make treatments easier and more affordable for the millions of people with swallowing disorders is about to be released into the market.

Newly discovered retinal structure may enhance vision for some birds

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A newly discovered retinal structure in the eyes of certain kinds of songbirds might help the animals find and track insect prey more easily.

Anthrax may be the next tool in the fight against bladder cancer

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Anthrax may soon help more people win the fight against bladder cancer, which the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says strikes about 72,000 Americans each year and kills about 16,000, and is one of the most expensive cancers to treat.

‘Listening’ to engine blades to stop failures, disasters

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The roar of a jet or race car engine can nearly take one’s breath away. Now imagine trying to hear through all that noise to pinpoint a problem with the engine – and stop a potentially disastrous failure

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