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Device meant to feed astronauts on Mars may first make debut in Africa

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The same piece of Purdue University-developed technology that may one day feed astronauts on Mars is being adapted to improve production of instant porridges and other ready-to-use products in several African countries.

Purdue technology shown to extend digital device battery life advances with $750,000 NSF grant

A Purdue technology shown to extend battery life of digital devices has received federal funding to further develop the technology that could impact billions of devices including smartphones, notebooks and smartwatches across the world.

Newly developed insecticide and fungus combination could more effectively control, eliminate termites

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A new Purdue University-developed technology concept could provide pest control companies with a more effective way to control termites and prevent associated damage. The technology works by targeting the termite’s resistance genes that help the insect fight off a known fungus that can effectively eliminate termites.

Nontoxic, biodegradable orthopedic implant could provide superior support to damaged bones, be safely absorbed by the body

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Purdue University researchers are developing a nontoxic, biodegradable orthopedic implant that could be safely absorbed by the body after providing adequate support to damaged bones.

Graphene ‘phototransistor’ promising for optical technologies

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Researchers have solved a problem hindering development of highly sensitive optical devices made of a material called graphene, an advance that could bring applications from imaging and displays to sensors and high-speed communications.

Autonomous sensor could aid in early detection of urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infections could one day be diagnosed faster than ever before with an autonomous sensor technology being developed at Purdue University.

Purdue researcher, Anton Paar partner to study particle flow for feed, food manufacturing

Scientific equipment manufacturing company Anton Paar has donated a powder rheometer to Purdue University researcher Kingsly Ambrose as part of a collaboration to investigate the flow characteristics of fine powders such as cornstarch.

Crystalline material could replace silicon to double efficiency of solar cells

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A new material has been shown to have the capability to double the efficiency of solar cells by researchers at Purdue University and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Low-cost ‘solar absorber’ promising for future power plants

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Researchers have shown how to modify commercially available silicon wafers into a structure that efficiently absorbs solar energy and withstands the high temperatures needed for “concentrated solar power” plants that might run up to 24 hours a day.

Body heat could electrically power IoT devices, medical monitors using a woven, thermoelectric flexible fabric

Purdue University-developed technology that can be woven into a specially designed fabric could help harness human body heat and provide energy to power Internet of things (IoT) devices including heart and respiration monitors and fulfill other uses.

Controlling forces between atoms, molecules, promising for ‘2-D hyperbolic’ materials

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A new approach to control forces and interactions between atoms and molecules, such as those employed by geckos to climb vertical surfaces, could bring advances in new materials for developing quantum light sources.

Virtual hyperspectral images could determine plant health, assist in crop management, grocery shopping

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Purdue researchers are developing technology that could allow users to quickly determine the health of plants in the field and of fruits and vegetables in groceries through the translation of digital images on smartphones into virtual hyperspectral images.

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