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Novel technology could provide a faster, inexpensive way to detect, monitor dengue fever, Zika virus

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Purdue researchers are developing an integrated biosensing platform aimed at detecting and monitoring mosquito-borne diseases faster and cheaper than current methods, to aid in preventing virus outbreaks and their devastating effects.

Does Mars have rings? Not right now, but maybe one day

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As children, we learned about our solar system’s planets by certain characteristics — Jupiter is the largest, Saturn has rings, Mercury is closest to the sun. Mars is red, but it’s possible that one of our closest neighbors also had rings at one point and may have them again someday.

Research suggests diagnostic approach for veterans suffering hearing impairment and related brain injury from mild blast trauma

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New research findings suggest mild blast trauma suffered by military personnel affects portions of the auditory system that have not been extensively studied after injuries occur, and this impairment might be diagnosed using well-established testing methods.

Human antibody for Zika virus promising for treatment, prevention

Researchers have determined the structure of a human antibody bound to the Zika virus, revealing details about how the antibody interferes with the infection mechanism – findings that could aid in development of antiviral medications.

Specialized compound could lead to chronic pain relief without the use of opioids

Purdue researchers have discovered a compound that could lead to the treatment of chronic pain without the need for patients to rely on opioids.

Purdue, Accenture examine open innovation in large companies

The idea of open innovation practices is embraced by U.S. and European companies but not always utilized strategically, according to a new joint study conducted by Purdue University’s Research Center for Open Digital Innovation and global professional services company Accenture.

Estimates of emissions from natural gas-fueled plants much too low, study finds

Power plants that burn natural gas produce significantly less pollutants and greenhouse gases than coal-burning plants, according to current estimates of how much methane escapes from such power plants, as well as from oil refineries, and estimates could be off by a wide margin, a new Purdue University study finds.

New ‘biomimetic’ glue shows high-strength bonding under water

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An adhesive that works under water and is modeled after those created by shellfish to stick to surfaces is stronger than many commercial glues created for the purpose.

Rising CO2 due to climate change may not improve agriculture, model shows

Although many people have argued that rising carbon dioxide levels would benefit crop production, a recent model of the effects of increased CO2 shows that it's not that simple and that elevated levels could have a much less positive effect on plant photosynthesis than previously predicted.

People with visual impairments could identify scientific images on a computer screen through STEM-designed assistive technology

Purdue University researchers are developing software in a “haptic device” that could give people with visual impairments the ability to identify scientific images on a computer screen using their other senses.

Cells communicate better when not squeezed together, research shows

Scientists are beginning to realize that many cellular behaviors, such as metastasizing cancer cells moving through the body or wound healing, aren't random events, but the result of coordinated actions by cells.

Breakthrough discovery may make blood test feasible for detecting cancer

Doctors may soon be able to detect and monitor a patient’s cancer with a simple blood test, reducing or eliminating the need for more invasive procedures, according to Purdue University research.

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