Apply for a Purdue LSAMP Travel Award

LSAMP is committed to the goal of supporting scholars to fully participate, present their work at a research conference and facilitating career development. Students are encouraged to apply for a travel award for up to $600. 


  1. Purdue LSAMP scholars receive priority for consideration of LSAMP travel awards.
  2. Students are expected to give an oral or poster presentation at a regional, national, and international research conference.
  3. Funds can be used for airfare, conference registration, hotel and shuttle services. 
  4. Upon returning from travel, students are required to submit a summary of their conference experience in the form of a news release.
  5. Students are required to submit a picture of themselves presenting their research at the conference.

Apply for a Travel Award

  1. To apply for a travel award, fill out the survey at this link
  2. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at