LSAMP Student Scholars

LSAMP scholars are students interested in pursuing undergraduate and graduate education in STEM disciplines with the goal of entering the workforce in STEM careers. Our LSAMP scholars travel to Purdue from undergraduate institutions across the United States, including the 48 contiguous states, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

The scholars bring with them cultural knowledge and experiences that add to the diversity we strive to promote on the Purdue campus. Colleges and departments are introduced to a diverse student population with great potential for graduate school success.

2017 Student Scholars

Fiorella Yep
Krystian Rolle
Brenda Haro Gonzalez
N’Sahn N’Dri
Holly Maize
Jacob Johns
Michaela Covington
Anthony Adams
Nickoulas Cooper-Garcia
Theresa Emeli
Albert Valicenti