LSAMP Student Scholars

LSAMP scholars are students interested in pursuing undergraduate and graduate education in STEM disciplines with the goal of entering the workforce in STEM careers. Our LSAMP scholars travel to Purdue from undergraduate institutions across the United States, including the 48 contiguous states, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

The scholars bring with them cultural knowledge and experiences that add to the diversity we strive to promote on the Purdue campus. Colleges and departments are introduced to a diverse student population with great potential for graduate school success.

2019 Student Scholars

First Name Last Name Department Faculty Mentor
Abigail Sipes Biochemistry Clint Chapple
Adam Guerin Physics Srividya Iyer-Biswas
Aidan Thongkham pharmacy Yeo, Yoon
Alexandra Verdeja Forestry and Natural Resources Goforth, Reuben
Barnabas Obeng-Gyasi Biological Sciences Hugh Lee
Brandon Wells Engineering 1 Martinez, J, Carlos
Britney Bailey Engineering Prof. Maria Okuniewski
Cassandra Foster Engineering Technology Dr. Mark French
Chinyere Kemet Chemistry Lyle, Tiffany
Christina Core    
Elio Silva Rossel History Dr. Trenton Cole Jones
Hannah Rondon Biology Das, Chittaranjan
Iris Moore Botany Mengiste, Tesfaye
Ivy Camarillo    
James Hidalgo Electrical Engineering Technology Leon-Salas, Walter Daniel
Jeanette Hill Chemical Engineering Dr. Michael Harris
Kate Kragness Chemistry Low, S, Philip
Katherine Mason Psychological Sciences Dr. Erin Hennes
Leroy Medrano Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences Shields, G, Cleveland
Lisette Skiba Biological Sciences Aguilar, Dr. R. Claudio
Lynnet Francesca Kimera Pharmacy Mittal, K, Suresh
Madison Jordan Health and Kinesiology  
Maia Clare Biological Sciences Olson, R, Matthew
Maya Black Biological Sciences Zhang, GuangJun
Morgan Hughes College of Health and Human Sciences Dr. Jeffrey Karpicke
Nakia Price College of Health & Human Sciences  
Nicolette Kittrell Psychology Ekhardt, Christopher
Noah Herbert Engineering Gibert, James
Omozafe Udegbe Biomedical Engineering Solorio, Luis
Rodrigo Ferreira Biology Ignacio Camarillo
Ruth Bambo Biological Sciences Dr. Amy Brewster
Sanjana Murthy Psychological Sciences Department  
Sarafina Gonzalez Statistics Gribskov, Michael
Stanley Buczynski Chemistry Dr Philip Low
Victoria Coats    
Vincent Ekwealor Pharmacy 1 Dr. Lynne Taylor
Walter Kruger Purdue Polytechnic
Nicholas Mori Industrial Engineering Cai, Hua
Mahira Morris Exploratory Studies Dr. Aggarwal Vaneet