Student Scholars

AGEP scholars are students interested in pursuing doctoral degrees and becoming faculty members in STEM disciplines. Our AGEP scholars travel to Purdue from undergraduate institutions across the United States, including the 48 contiguous states, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

The scholars bring with them cultural knowledge and experiences that add to the diversity we strive to promote on the Purdue campus. Colleges and departments are introduced to a diverse student population with great potential for graduate school success.

Current Scholars

AGEP Scholars Spring 2019
Name  Email Discipline 
Ali Camara Biological Sciences
Anthony   Pitts-McCoy Chemistry
Jessica Rush   Leeker Engineering Education
Mayra I.   Rodriguez-Gonzalez Forestry and Natural   Resources
Melaku Garsamo Biochemistry
Zulaida Soto Biological Sciences
Ashlee Colbert Biomedical   Engineering
Breanne Wright Nutrition Science
Brenda   Gonzalez Biological Sciences
Darryl Reano Earth/Geosciences
Dina Verdin ENE and IE
Guillermo   Caballero Political Science
Jerome Nash Materials Engineering
Julius Eason Entomology
Odalys   Torres-Luquis Comparative   Pathobiology
Quintana Clark Agricultural Science
Reena Blade Chemistry
Stephanie   Santos-Diaz Chemistry
Torrie Cropps Agricultural Science
Xavier E.   Ramos-Cardona Comparative   Pathobiology