GPS for Graduate School

GPS for Graduate School Book Cover

GPS For Graduate School is a resource book designed to help students navigate the challenges of graduate school by taking advantage of the insights of their peers. Each chapter features a corresponding video vignette, which briefly dramatizes the topic and is accompanied by group discussion questions. Topics include:

  • Seeking funding.
  • The challenges of the first year of graduate school.
  • Finding a thesis advisor.
  • Working with thesis committee members.
  • Balancing family and graduate student life.
  • Life after graduate school.

Where these subjects have been treated in an academic style many times, this book conveys its message through personal narratives. It provides readers with a vivid sense of the types of life experiences one can expect to encounter when undertaking a graduate degree and the opportunity to discuss these real-life issues with others.

GPS for Graduate School is available through Purdue Libraries and Purdue University Press as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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