Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP)

The Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) program is design to improve underrepresented graduate students’ participation, preparation, and to ensure success in their academic career. The program offers a series of personal and professional development workshops, mentoring, and outreach activities to help prepare URM students beyond graduate school. These activities provide the opportunity for participants to foster academic and research collaborations to support and enhance underrepresented graduate student experiences, and prepare for the professoriate. The overall goal for the AGEP program is to help facilitate graduate student retention through degree of completion, and provide resources that attribute to a successful entry into the professoriate.

Important Dates

  • Application Open Date: May 3rd
  • Application Close Date: July 15th
  • Notifications: 1st week of August
  • Program Dates: Fall 2021 – Summer 2022 


  • $500 - $1000 Stipend
  • Fostering an AGEP community and academic network
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Mental and Wellness Workshops
  • Mentoring and Tutoring Opportunities
  • Outreach Activities
  • Travel Grant Opportunities (up to $500)

Steps to apply/requirements for application

  • Eligible graduate students: either U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or DACA recipients that have graduated from a U.S. High School, passed qualifying/preliminary exams while pursing a doctoral degree, and be a full-time graduate student at Purdue West Lafayette campus.
  • Apply to Purdue AGEP Program through the application portal.
  • Upload a current CV/Resume.
  • Upload a 1-page description of your research
  • Upload a 1-page diversity statement that describes your leadership, work, volunteer and any other experience with diversity and/or social justice issues, which can include experience working with underrepresented minorities. Describe how these experiences foster a culture of enhanced direction, experience, and ideas in scholarship and research.
  • Provide name, email, and phone # of supporting faculty advisor from Purdue University. Your advisor will receive an email to complete a short questionnaire confirming your good standing in your department and approving your participation in the AGEP Scholar Program.


AGEP Scholar Spotlight


Congratulations to our Scholar Arryn Blaine on winning the first place at the ASPET experimental biology conference!


Arryn Blaine


Scholar: Arryn Blaine

Department: MCMP and PULSe

Award: ASPET experimental biology conference, Dolores C. Shockley Competition for Graduate and Post-baccalaureate Students

Source: ASPET transforming Discoveries into Therapies webpage

Learn more about Arryn here.



Congratulations to our Scholar Zulaida Soto-Vargas on winning the first-place of 2021 "Say It In 6" Purdue Graduate School competition!


Say It In 6 winner Zulaida Soto


Picture: Zulaida (third from left)

Scholar: Zulaida Soto-Vargas

Department: Biology

Competition: Say It In 6

Source: Purdue Graduate School

Learn more about Zulaida here.