Our Diversity Initiatives

The Office of Graduate Diversity Initiatives (OGDI) is dedicated to recruitment and retention, while maintaining excellence for our underrepresented minorities pursuing graduate study and research careers. OGDI offers several programs designed to foster the success of underrepresented minority students, including the Graduate Diversity Visitation program (GDVP), Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP), Graduate Bridge Program, and Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP).

Graduate Diversity Visitation Program (GDVP) is designed for underrepresented minority students to visit Purdue University Graduate School early and be informed of the opportunities that the West Lafayette campus has to offer. During the visitation, students will become familiar with the Graduate School leadership staff, graduate programs, faculty and students in your program of interest, the rich, cultural opportunities present at the University and Greater Lafayette community, and experience campus life.

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Arionne Patterson, GDVP Scholar

GDVP Alumna 2018

Arionne Patterson

M.S. Student

College of Agriculture

Department of Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication

"GDVP afforded me the opportunity to gain a glimpse as to what Purdue University could offer me. Participating in GDVP was the nudge I needed to pursue graduate school!"

Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) is designed to help prepare underrepresented undergraduate students for graduate study through summer research opportunities at Purdue University Graduate School. All research fields include social sciences and humanities, physical sciences, chemical, and biological sciences, technology, math, and engineering fields. Throughout the program, Purdue University offers a series of workshops to help students develop skills and knowledge for their academic and research success. Overall, SROP experience provides undergraduate students the opportunity to enhance their academic and research skills to help prepare them for a successful entry into graduate school.

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Zulaida Vargas-Soto, SROP Scholar

SROP Scholar 2015-2016

Zulaida M. Soto-Vargas

Ph.D. Candidate

College of Science

Department of Biological Sciences

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“The SROP was beneficial for me because it provided me the basic and essential tools to start to navigate in research. The SROP program helped me on developing new skills in communication, which are key to be successful in any professional career. SROP not only opened the doors for me to continue my doctoral studies but to also have a better transition into Graduate School.”

The Graduate Bridge Program program is designed to support incoming underrepresented graduate students by fostering an instant peer network while acclimating incoming graduate students to Purdue University campus. In addition, this program offers a series of workshops to help students develop skills and knowledge for their academic and research success. The series of workshops will include professional and research development activities. The overall Bridge Program experience will consist of academic research, career development, professional writing and presentation, and social component to help prepare graduate students for the upcoming academic year.

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Candace Young, Bridge Scholar

Bridge Scholar 2020-2021

Candace M. Young

M.S. Student

College of Agriculture

Department of Animal Science

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"The Bridge program is an inclusive and diverse community that challenges you to be a better you than yesterday!"

The Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) program is design to improve underrepresented graduate students’ participation, preparation, and to ensure success in their academic career. The program offers a series of personal and professional development workshops, mentoring, and outreach activities to help prepare students beyond graduate school. These activities provide the opportunity for participants to foster academic and research collaborations to support and enhance underrepresented graduate student experiences, and prepare for the professoriate. The overall goal for the AGEP program is to help facilitate graduate student retention through degree of completion, and provide resources that attribute to a successful entry into the professoriate.

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Matias Kalaswad, AGEP Scholar

AGEP Scholar 2020-2021

Matias Kalaswad

Ph.D. Candidate

College of Engineering

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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"AGEP is a supportive community which provides us with resources to be the best person and scholar that we can be, while inspiring us to be mentors for younger generations."