Professional Development Workshops

What Hats Are You Wearing? Student, Employee, or Researcher? A Survival Guide

Presented By: Dean Linda Mason, The Graduate School

Most graduate students don’t graduate on time because they do not have a plan of attack. Usually, graduate students are successful in their courses, but it is the policies, processes, and politics that trip them up. This session is designed to help students plan for graduate school and create a target for finishing on time.

Impostor Syndrome

Presented By: Dean Linda Mason, The Graduate School

Part of maturing as a graduate student is finding your voice and the confidence to know that you belong in your academic discipline. Any individual can be impacted by the impostor syndrome (IS), but minorities in a field are more susceptible, so addressing this early in your career is important. In this session, we will introduce examples of IS, and the implications it has on mental health and social justice. Quick tips on the power of positive thinking will be given.

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Grad Student Quotes

"Remember that there is life outside of grad school. That although a large portion of your time will be dedicated to obtaining your degree, you also need time to grow in your hobbies, likes, and other aspects outside of academia."

- Kristos Negron

Ph.D. Student, Chemistry



"Staying healthy is key to success in graduate school. Regular workouts are not only fun but also an effective way to de-stress."

- Connie Muniandy

Ph.D. Alumna, Food Science