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Mario Migliorino

When you speak, you not only change the pressure of air periodically, but you also change its temperature in the same way. This also means that you can generate sound changing temperature of a device. Mario studies the way in which sound and temperature are always intercorrelated: this is Thermo-Acoustics.

Why Purdue?

Initially, it was just random. I was still in Rome finishing my master's when I received a message from one of my friends in the US. He put me in contact with a new professor at Purdue. I liked him, he liked me so I'm here and that professor is now my Ph.D. advisor. I liked everything about Purdue after I came in contact with it.

Career goal?

Make a breakthrough in thermal energy management and clean energy generation/efficiency while working with motivated, passionate and brilliant people.

Favorite fact about Purdue?

The fusion of cultures. It is really amazing how much I know more about the world after one year here. It's like having a free trip to wherever you want depending on which local event you go to.

Three words that best describe your work?

Cutting-edge, energy, fundamentals

If you have free time, how do you choose to spend it?

I go to one of the cultural events on campus or to an interesting seminar or to something fun around Purdue as first choice for a short break. For longer periods, I go for a few days to visit another city/region of the US.

What’s your workspace setup like?

I mainly work in an open office environment that also has focus booths in which you can close the door and isolate. I don't have my personal desk there or an office space at home. I like to keep myself flexible, and I could literally work anywhere in any condition. I just need a locker to keep my stuff. I never liked standing desks for working alone, but I do believe that standing meetings work better than sitting meetings. I'm recently noticing that coffee shops, without headphones but with a big cappuccino, is something that boosts my writing production and creativity.

What’s your best time-saving shortcut or life hack?

Removing all sorts of notifications from any source while I work. I read my emails when I decide, and I keep Facebook and my phone on mute.

What do you listen to while you work?

When I have to write documents, I like random noises from a crowded place like a coffee shop or an open office space. When I have to focus on coding I like a closed office with loud music (no headphones): preferably something with some rhythm like electro-swing. I particularly like the Dire Straits while working for some reason.

What everyday thing are you better at than everyone else?

Finding free food at interesting events around campus. I simply have not found anyone else that can do it better so far.

How do you recharge physically and/or mentally?

Mostly sleeping a lot, but when I'm awake I like to have a glass of wine on the couch in company. Sometimes I like to write poetry or theater.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

To listen more and speak less. When people talk they don't always want you to try to solve their problems but sometimes they just want to speak up and be listened to.

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