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I believe graduate school is one of the most important decisions you can make for your life. When you are going to college, you may not have the freedom or the means to select the university you want. However, going to graduate school is your own choice, and I felt the pressure to choose wisely. I remember making my list of things that a graduate school should have to deserve my dedication to the application process. I applied to five different universities, but Purdue was always my first choice.

Before selecting the university list, you need to define your own professional goals. And remember, graduate school, especially a Ph.D. degree, will be demanding and time-consuming. So, it is better to put your effort into something you want. Here was my list of priorities:

1) International world rankings: If I spend money and time on a graduate degree, I want that degree to be internationally recognized. And civil engineering at Purdue fulfilled this requisite easily. As a prospective graduate student, here are a few sources to check out:

Purdue Graduate Program Rankings

Civil Engineering Program News

2) Living costs: Did you know that each state in the USA can have different living costs? As a graduate student, the budget is my responsibility. Even for visa purposes, you need to check how much money you will need to have. Depending on the location of the university, you may need much more. Purdue is located in the state of Indiana in a small city called West Lafayette. These characteristics showed me that I could have a better-quality of life on a student budget.

3) Funding sources: Purdue is a massive university with more than 45 thousand students. And to attend this enormous student population, a significant infrastructure is necessary. The university has many student employment options that are incredibly helpful during your academic life.

4) Laboratory infrastructure: To study far away from home, there needs to be a reason. The university needs to have something that I could not find in other places. The impressive Bowen Laboratory is a research facility beyond expectations. With more resources available to you, your research and your career can go further.

5) Purdue spirit: I confess that I didn´t know about it before I arrived at the university, but it ended up confirming my choice to attend Purdue. It is a place where everybody wants to do their best. The students do not wish for grades “enough to pass”; they want to be the best student in the class. Graduate students want to solve big problems in the world. Professors and employees want to help students in any way they can. Everybody is proud to wear Purdue gear and apparel. When you are surrounded by people trying to do their best, you also push yourself harder to achieve more.

One thing that I didn’t know existed, and now is my favorite thing to do in my free time, watch a Purdue game. I love the Purdue spirit! Go Boilers!
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Juliana is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering at Purdue University, USA- the first two years were funded by Science without Borders, Brazilian scholarship. Now she is also working as a Graduate Assistant for the University Residence Multicultural Connections initiative at Purdue University. And assisting the Graduate Women in Engineering Network (GWEN) – Leadership Team at Purdue University. She has a master's degree in Civil Engineering with a focus on Geotechnical Engineering from Purdue University (2017)- funded by the same Brazilian scholarship, participates in the research group COFFEE (Center for Offshore, Foundation, and Energy Engineering). Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from UNISUL - University of Southern Santa Catarina (2013), participated in the research project: Geotechnical Monitoring, landslides and flooding for risk determination Areas, funded by Foundation for Research and Innovation Support of Santa Catarina State, FAPESC -Brazil fellowship. During her bachelor's, she did a year of study abroad in the Netherlands at HZ University of applied sciences (08/2012 - 08/2013), with a scholarship from Science without Borders, Brazilian Government. Participated in the research group "Building with Nature," Project: Measuring the impact of oyster reefs on reducing wave height in the laboratory and the field for protection of structures and coastal protection. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from UNISUL - University of Southern Santa Catarina (2007). She has working experience in Civil Engineering, with emphasis on Geotechnical Engineering.
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