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Instructions for Submitting a Data Request

Many departments and university administrators need access to graduate level data to complete their internal reports and to guide their decision-making process. When there is a need for graduate student institutional data, please submit your request using the electronic "Data Request Form" link at the bottom of this page. You will be prompted for your Purdue Career Account credentials.

Since this utilizes SharePoint, you will want to include "onepurdue\" (no quotes) in front of your username. For example, if your name were Bob Smith, you might enter your credentials in the login screen as indicated below:

Log-in Dialog Box

Complete all required fields and submit your request. Someone from the IMA staff will communicate with you throughout the process, but feel free to login and check on the request status as this is updated at least weekly.

You should also be aware that your request will be visible to others who login to this system and view the queue.

Data Request Form