Tsinghua visit lays groundwork for the future

May 19, 2010

By Michael Brzezinski

University-wide international partnerships are a key component to fulfilling the "Meeting Global Challenges," pillar of Purdue's strategic plan. During this past academic year, an evaluation process that included vice presidents, deans, department heads and several key faculty led to the decision to target Tsinghua University as Purdue's first such partner.

Our visit to Tsinghua this week further deepens the already excellent relationships between our two institutions. The signing of a memorandum of understanding between our two presidents is not only a symbolic act, but also a catalyst that will promote our mutual learning, discovery and engagement missions to solve global challenges related to such areas as health, water, energy, earthquake mitigation and climate.

With the advent of our Global Policy Research Institute, Purdue is now positioned to combine the strengths of International Programs - faculty and student exchanges and international students - with the strengths of this institute, to develop a comprehensive partnership with Tsinghua and future strategic partners.

This September International Programs will initiate a competitive seed grant program to encourage student exchanges, faculty exchanges, workshops and research projects with Tsinghua. There will be a follow-up visit to Tsinghua later this fall as well as a visit next April to attend Tsinghua's centennial celebration.