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Purdue Foundation Endowment

Since Purdue University’s founding in 1869, alumni and friends have played a pivotal role in establishing it as one of the world’s preeminent universities. Many of these alumni and friends have not only provided funds year by year, but also have built a permanent financial foundation for Purdue by contributing to the Purdue Foundation Endowment.

You, too, can have a lasting impact on this great University and help to shape the future of Purdue, the nation, and the world. Learn more by exploring the links at right.

What is an endowment?

Endowments are gifts held in perpetuity and invested in a manner that protects the principal from inflation. The investment income provides a stable funding source for such purposes as scholarships, professorships, lecture series, and research centers.

Purdue has received and managed hundreds of endowment gifts over the years. Collectively, these gifts make up the Purdue Foundation Endowment.