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A New Era

Grissom Hall, home of industrial engineering at Purdue, was recently renovated and reopened this year for students and faculty after a year of reconstruction. The renovations of Grissom Hall are part of the College of Engineering Strategic Growth Initiative project which is working towards increasing the number of students in the College of Engineering while also expanding opportunities and technology resources. The new renovations now allow for student collaboration, workspace, and a multitude of new technologies and resources available to the students and faculty. Although the total renovation time was short, less than a year, the new changes will leave an impact on students and the way they learn for many years.

Alyssa sitting outside of Grissom Hall

Alyssa Zielinski is a fifth-year senior from Arlington Heights, IL studying Industrial Engineering. We asked her a few questions about the renovations of Grissom Hall.

What are some major changes that you noticed about Grissom Hall after the renovation?

Overall, the building is more open. There aren’t any little offices around anymore; it’s now an open and collaborative learning space. People can interact with each other and that is something I’ve definitely noticed. You don’t have to wander through the hallways to get around rooms and classrooms. 

What do you think is the most important change to Grissom Hall? What is your favorite change?

The newly renovated inside of Grissom Hall

The most important changes in the building are the updates. Before, Grissom Hall felt closed, cramped, and felt clustered – it didn’t feel like you could work with each other very well. Now there is a more interactive space for people to work with each other. My favorite change is probably the collaborative space studios. They can be used for interviews, small study groups, and group projects. The renovations allow for Industrial Engineers to have a space for themselves.

How has the atmosphere of Grissom Hall changed?

They are trying to focus on this new era of education where things are interactive and open and people are focusing on working with each other. The renovations to Grissom Hall make this a possibility.

Do you plan on spending more time in Grissom Hall now that it is renovated?

Oh, absolutely! Before, I never felt like Industrial Engineers had a space for themselves. Now Industrial Engineers have a designated study space for themselves where they can feel at home and feel like this is their space. So I definitely plan on spending more time here.

How will this renovation change the way you study Industrial Engineering?

The renovations are going to help me study Industrial Engineering better because it gives us a space for ourselves and I can wonder around and find another Industrial Engineer that is in the same boat as me. I have a designated place I can go to study or work with others.

Summer on Campus

Hello, my name is Leo Kullman. I am a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering and a student in the honors college. I will begin a co-op with Cook Pharmica this fall. In order to meet graduation requirements in a timely fashion, I am taking classes this summer at Purdue West Lafayette. For the Maymester, I took Microeconomics and am now taking Mechanical Engineering Statics and Calculus 3. Summer classes are an interesting experience. The curriculum is sped up twice as fast as the regular semester, but I spend the same amount of time in the class as if I had taken it in the fall. That means the biggest difference is in the time I have to do homework and the time I have to study. For this reason, summer classes can be more difficult that regular semester courses. However, most professors give less homework and comprehensive exams to make up for the accelerated pace.

Overall, I’ve been enjoying my time in these classes. It’s a good way to get ahead or stay on track, and because I’m only taking two courses at a time, I get to focus more on the coursework than in the regular semester when I’m taking many more classes. This has also been a good time for me to meet other co-op students who are taking classes over the summer to also stay on track.

In addition to my summer classes, I’m also working as a student researcher for Dr. Eric Nauman. Dr. Nauman is head of Honors Engineering at Purdue and is in charge of the Seminar for Top Engineering Prospects, a summer camp for incoming high school seniors run by honors engineering. I am working with a team of other honors engineers to develop curriculum for the week long engineering experience. My main duties involve building a hexapod robot, wiring the electronics to be compatible with the tasks we wish to do, and writing code for robot movement using inverse kinematics. All of this while trying to find a way to teach students how to do the same in a matter of days. When the camp begins in mid-July I will be on the Projects Team Staff. This has overall been a very good experience and has let me interact with both professors and upperclassmen researchers.

This summer I’m living in Harrison Hall with a friend from my freshman dorm as a roommate. Living in summer dorms is very different than living in the dorms during the regular academic year. Due to the variety of lengths of summer courses, there are students moving in and out of the dorm every weekend. Also, there are only two dining courts open during the summer, with much more limited hours. The Co-Rec also has shorter hours. However, there are still events to go to during the summer. Every Wednesday there are snacks and games on the Union lawn, every other weekend there are free movies at Fowler Hall, and about once a month there are cookouts for students to eat at and meet new friends. Between class, work, and campus life, I am having a very good experience at Purdue this summer.

Dead Week

We’ve almost made it through another Dead Week here at Purdue!

Every year, Dead Week comes along. At first, it’s exciting! It’s the last week of classes! It’s almost summer!

StewYou’re going to be good this year and start studying for Finals early.

Or maybe not.

But then suddenly you realize that you have two lab reports, a project, and a presentation this week.

You learn that it’s not called Dead Week because campus is calm, but because they’re trying to kill you.

Somehow, you make it through and get everything turned in. You might have even done a decent job!

And at the end of it all your brain, like this week, is dead.

…Just in time for Finals!

Stay strong, friends! You can do it!

The Changing Seasons

If you live in the Midwest, you probably already know that the weather is unpredictableIf you don’t live in the Midwest, I hope you came prepared.

What I’ve learned in my 2.5 years attending Purdue is to never leave the apartment without first checking the weather forecast. Do not rely on the alleged ‘season of the year’ or how nice it was yesterday, because the weather will betray you. Oh, you think it’s Fall? How about some snow. It was 40 degrees out yesterday, so you’re wearing two coats? Let’s warm it up to 80 degrees. And sometimes, not even the weather forecast can save you; I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve left the apartment wearing rain boots only to not have it rain a drop.

But even though the Midwest basically makes up the seasons as it goes along, there’s something exciting about the transitions to Fall and Winter.

I mean, sure, there are bad things; allergies flare up, it gets dark too soon, the fountains shut off, and no matter how beautiful fresh-fallen snow is, trudging through the sludge it becomes on the street is just not a pleasant experience.

I think these things are made worth it by the good things that come with the new seasons. In the Fall, campus becomes more beautiful then ever with the changing leaves. And who doesn’t love sweater weather?! There’s nothing better than cozying up in a cardigan with some hot chocolate to watch a movie with friends. And then you’ve got your typical Fall activities, like picking apples, visiting corn mazes, and of course carving pumpkins for Halloween!

Photo Credit: Alisha Tungare
Photo Credit: Alisha Tungare
Photo Credit: Alex Baker
Photo Credit: Alex Baker

And though it gets cold in Winter, it’s impossible not to get excited for Starbucks’ seasonal drinks (and the red cups!), the social acceptability of a wardrobe consisting exclusively of Uggs and yoga pants, and using our resources and engineering creativity to go sledding down Slayter Hill (couch on skis, anyone?).sledding-slayter-hill

So don’t let the changing seasons get you down! Although the warmer weather may be gone for now, there are still plenty of ways to stay entertained.