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SWE Senior Sleepover

My name is Katherine Rothe, and my first year at Purdue, I joined the Society of Women Engineers to connect with other young women in engineering. The great thing about SWE is that there are plenty of opportunities to be involved, and one of the best ways is to be a hostess for Senior Sleepover. Every fall and spring, SWE hosts a group of high school seniors looking at Purdue for engineering.
Being a hostess honestly made me wish I had done senior sleepover while I was trying to decide where to go. It is an opportunity to get the college experience for 24 hours: going to classes, sleeping in a dorm room, eating in a dining court. But there are plenty of other opportunities to have fun during the Senior Sleepover, from activities with the other girls to scavenger hunts for iconic Purdue landmarks. 
A group of my friends decided to be hostesses together last year, and all of us had so much fun showing off our beautiful campus to prospective students. Senior Sleepover is a great experience for both future and current students. 
This year’s Senior Sleepover will take place November 13th-14th. The Senior Sleepover Chairs are looking for female engineering students to help out with the event. Hostesses are required to live in the dorms, but there are plenty of other ways to get involved besides hosting!
If you’re interested in volunteering, as either a hostess (both days or just Friday), or as a day volunteer (Saturday only), you can sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16pN2XnsgFZWUEIIt3zf4qVOT_HbWCP4vY_aL21aDZF8/viewform?usp=send_form 
If you have any questions about Senior Sleepover, please email Mallory Slavis at mslavis@purdue.edu, or Amy Cox at cox167@purdue.edu. 

Director Doodads

Hello future collegians (fancy word for college students)

I hope you all are all getting re-acclimated to school days as the fall is upon us.  We are super busy here in the Office of Future Engineers (see picture) and look forward to seeing you on campus. I thought I would give you some quick tips on getting your applications complete.  

  •  Have a system like a spreadsheet that lists all deadlines for all colleges.  These deadlines will sneak up on you and they are all different. For Purdue Scholarships, the deadline is November 1st. Since we are rolling admissions, the earlier you apply the more space is available.

  •  Confirm universities have received all of your materials. At Purdue you can do this online.

  • Include a letter of recommendation. This is not required, but it will never hurt if you ask someone to write the letter who knows you and likes you.

  • Do not rely only on spell check for your applications and essay. Have a live person look it over.

  • Be persistent yet pleasant while requesting transcripts and letters of rec from teachers and counselors. Give them as much notice ahead of time as possible.

  • Fewer, quality applications (4-7) is better than doing a ton of applications knowing you can only choose one.  This will cost less, take less time, and open up spots at schools for kids who really want to go there.

  • Try not to take the decisions personal (this is hard). If you want to go to college, you will find a great  place.  Highly selective universities make decisions on multiple criteria and can’t accept everyone who is qualified.  You are smart, creative, and the only you on the planet. You can be successful at multiple universities and what you do on campus is more important than which campus  you’re on (there is data!)

  •   Stay positive and be excited!! Going to college will be awesome. Enjoy your senior year and try not to get too wrapped up in the process.

  • If I can ever be of any help, ping me!!

Quick nap between appointments…just kidding
Quick nap between appointments…just kidding

Best of Luck!!

David Bowker

Director of Future Engineers


On the road again – I’m back in Texas

I’m back in the great state of Texas this week talking to students and high school counselors about Purdue’s Engineering program and cheering on the Purdue Solar Team as they compete in the Shell Eco-marathon.

I’m staring off the trip in Fort Worth and staying at the Stockyards. What a great and historical place. Had dinner last night at H3 and wondered into the bar area to check out the horse saddle bar stools and the “surprise” behind the bar.

After dinner I stopped in at the White Elephant Saloon where, so I’ve been told, the TV show Walker Texas Ranger shot several. scenes. The owner collects white elephants and there is a huge wall displaying them. On the ceiling are cowboy hats with the names of their donors.

Having a bit of free tome, Yesterday I walked the yards and visited a few shops before heading to a reception with some wonderful HS counselors in the Dallas area.

Today I’m headed to some of the museums here in the Stockyards before hopping in the car for the 4.5 hr drive down to Houston.

Stay tuned…